Summer wedding season will be here in the blink of an eye! In the spirit of the planning season, we’re revisiting our interview with  Sperry Tents. Today, Sperry Tents is known across New England for their impeccable products, elegant style and excellent customer service.

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L&L: The history of Sperry Tents.

SPERRY: Sperry’s journey began in 1980 when accomplished sail-maker Steve Sperry was faced with the challenge of hosting a family gathering.  Applying his creative eye and knowledge of fabrics, Steve hatched the plan to design the first ever Sperry Tent for the occasion.  Using hand-sewn panels of waterproof sailcloth and hand-milled spruce pine for center poles and perimeter poles, Sperry Tents was born.

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L&L: Describe the range of tents that you offer.

SPERRY: Our authentic sailcloth tents are all manufactured in Rochester, Massachusetts, by the Sperry Tents originator. The same lightweight, waterproof sailcloth canvas has proven strong enough to stand up to the seas for decades.  With sizes ranging from as large as a 66ft x 126ft oval tent to as small as a 16ft round tent, we aim to accommodate any event size.  In addition to sailcloth tents, we offer an array of wedding and event amenities.  Our versatile flooring options offer limitless potential for event ideas and venue locations.  We also offer a wide variety of lighting options providing the signature Sperry glow of aesthetic ambiance and elegant décor.

L&L: What are the majority of your bookings? Weddings, private events, corporate functions, etc.?

SPERRY: About 90% of our bookings are for weddings.  The remaining 10% are made up of corporate events, benefits, and cocktail parties.

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L&L: How long does it take to put up a tent? With how many people?

SPERRY: One of Sperry’s core competencies that we pride ourselves on is our customer service.  Our friendly, professional staff is timely and efficient.  The number of people and the amount of time an installation takes can vary with the size of the event.  A common booking for us is a 46ft. x 125ft. tent with brushed nickel onion lanterns, perimeter lighting, side curtains, a bandstand and a dance floor, an event that six installers could complete in under four hours.

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L&L: How far in advance do couples typically book with you? What does that process consist of?

SPERRY: Most of our clients book 8-12 months before their event date, while a smaller percentage book 6-8 months in advance. To get in touch with us clients have been using the online contact page on our recently remodeled website, as well as calling our sales office.

The booking process starts with a phone call to discuss event details including: location, number of guests, event space, and potential flooring and lighting options.  We follow up with a complementary site visit to introduce ourselves, measure the event space, and discuss all of the options for the event layout.  After the onsite consultation, we send an estimate and an individualized blueprint of the event.

Our representatives work closely with clients throughout the entire booking and planning process to ensure satisfaction.  Installation and breakdown appointments are fitted to work around your schedule, and an onsite attendant is always available at each event to answer any questions or offer suggestions.

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L&L: How do most of your clients find you?

SPERRY: We have had the opportunity to work with a network of amazing clients, vendors, venues, and event specialists that have spread our message throughout the northeast.  In addition to referrals, we have remodeled our website with a blog page, new interactive features, and significantly increased our presence in social media.

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L&L: Thank you for giving us an inside peek into Sperry Tents. If readers want to get in touch with you to inquire about your availability, what is the best way for them to reach you?

SPERRY: Call 1-877-SPERRYT or email us at You can also use our “contact us” link on our website or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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