Halliday and Ruben welcomed guests to celebrate on Monhegan Island, just off the coast of Boothbay, ME.

Every element of the day reflected Halliday and Ruben’s infectious joy and love for one another. The couple met on the porch of the Pierce Cottage for their First Look, before exploring the island’s iconic lighthouse. The ceremony took place below the lighthouse on a hill overlooking the surrounding island with 360 views of the ocean. After the “I do’s”, the happy couple escaped to the harbor for some intimate portraits before returning to the inn for a cozy dinner reception.

Thank you to Darling Photography for sharing these amazing photos with us!

Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-2 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-6 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-11 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-20 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-22 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-44 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-60 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-76 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-77 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-98 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-99 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-120 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-123 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-126 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-173 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-175 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-187 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-189 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-225 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-235 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-237 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-238 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-245 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-254 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-255 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-327 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-363 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-395 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-445 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-455 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-463 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-472 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-487 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-500 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-509Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-414 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-512 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-517 Halliday-Ruben-Wedding-542

Photography: Darling Photography

Venue: The Island Inn

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