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Elopements have always been a deeply romantic wedding trend since the days of Romeo and Juliet. Today in the modern wedding world,  we’ve seen a resurgence in this celebration option for couples across the country. Elopements are no longer affiliated with “leaving out” loved ones.  Shorter guest lists are easier understood among distant relatives and acquaintances.

Whether driven by financial benefits or the desire to simplify, here are some ideas to consider for a smaller affair.

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“Local” Destination Wedding
When you hear “destination wedding,” leis, sandy beaches and hefty travel fees come to mind. Keep your guest list limited as if you were jetting to a faraway island, but welcome them to celebrate in the city you currently live in.

A smaller guest list allows for more family involvement in the ceremony and a true wedding weekend. Share everyday pastimes with your guests and enjoy the ease of navigating the choices of where to eat, where to stay, how to get there and all the other things that pile up when orchestrating an event in an unfamiliar place.

When it comes to venues, the options are not as limited as you may think. Look into your favorite local restaurants, nearby community centers, inns or even farms. Your own home is always a great option for an intimate gathering–no rental fees required!

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Celebrate your love with the most exclusive guest list: you and your partner. You’re in this thing together going forward, you might find tying the knot alone the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the many special moments you’ll share as a married couple.

Nix the idea that elopements are solely spontaneous. While the excitement of waking up one day and walking over to City Hall is still a common–and romantic!–way to do it, some couples will plan their elopement in advance just like a traditional wedding. Traveling to a beloved vacation spot, city from your shared past or a new place you’ve always wanted to explore are great ways to jumpstart the honeymoon after the ceremony.

Spread the Love
Today modern communication allows us to share big life moments with friends and family across the globe. If you opt for a smaller celebration or an elopement, be sure to document the big day with photos. A personal website or private Facebook album can allow those who weren’t present, to see pictures, send well wishes and feel included in the celebration.

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