Planning a New England wedding? Selecting your gift registries can often be just as tricky as choosing your color palette or floral design. We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite unique gift registry ideas for couples seeking something beyond the typical department store registry.

Today, the wedding industry provides couples with a wide range of creative freedom when it comes to venues, design details, attire and more. In the past decade, we’ve seen gift registries follow suit, with more “unconventional” giving avenues joining the ranks of home goods listings. Here are some of our favorites that break the mold of the traditional standard of wedding gift etiquette:

Honeymoon Fund
Is your dream honeymoon destination halfway around the world? Websites like Honeyfund.com and Wanderable.com make it easy for friends and family to contribute monetary gifts towards a couple’s vacation in lieu of physical gifts. The website is free to register and simple for guests to use, allowing custom dollar amounts to be granted with well wishes.

Local Favorites
Another fun, unique way for guests to contribute to your first year of newly wedded bliss is to give gift cards. What do you like to do together in your home town? Create a list of restaurants, cinemas, cafes, bookstores, museums, sporting events, etc. that you love and share these as your “registry” for gift card giving.  

Charitable Donations
Many couples often wish to opt out of the gift giving tradition entirely. However, you may find guests still want to gift you something to commemorate the big day. In this case, charitable donations are a great idea! Select several charities that you support and share donation instructions with your guests. Instead of money spent on material gifts, guests can donate in honor of your celebration.

Future Investments
Extra funds are often something newly married couples need most, however explicitly asking for cash on your wedding website or invites can feel a bit awkward. Erase awkwardness from the equation and register on a site like Upon Our Star, where you can post about a project or goal for your married future. Whether it be a a new car, the down payment on a house, or funds for renovations, friends and family will love the idea of directly contributing to your life together.

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