We are chatting with Lynne Payne, owner, designer, creator, and fashionista of Wear Love.  We recently learned about this darling t-shirt company through this soon-to-be mother of the bride.  We love her shirts, and even more, love seeing her message on a variety of customers from around the world!

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L&L: Tell us a little about yourself and the history of Wear Love.

WL: I have always loved art, design and fashion.  I love to be creative.  I love finding old furniture, wood, metal, etc. and turning it into something unique and usable.  I collect scraps of anything interesting. I look at Pantone’s color chart on a regular basis. I am a little addicted to Pinterest (if you can be a little addicted).  I love cowboy boots and country music.  I sing love songs in the shower.

Wear Love™ was started by accident. What began as a photo art company in 2010, turned into a t-shirt line.  It was amazing to see that 2 simple words “wear Love” together on a tee, could help people see themselves and the world in a different light.  With that in mind, we started selling to friends and soon friends of friends were asking for them.  Soon shirts were shipped across the country and around the world.

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L&L: Where do you draw inspiration from? What do you hope to accomplish through the sale of these t-shirts?

WL: Designing and selling Wear Love t-shirts is a fun, creative outlet for me but the inspiration is in the message.  I want the words “wear Love.  Put it On.  Wear it Out”  to invite people to live in a place of aspiration, to be their unique authentic selves.  I want people to discover what wearing Love really means for them.

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L&L: Do you have any other t-shirt designs or colors you may be launching soon?

WL: I have a wear Love Africa design.  This t-shirt was created to help raise money for a vocational school for homeless boys in San Louis, Senegal.  Wear Love shares Love.  A portion of the profit from all my shirts goes to charity.

I have a list full of ideas that I want to bring to life.  I am working on a wear Love t shirt for brides, bridal parties and grooms!  Guys wear the t-shirt too!!

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L&L: Have you sold many t-shirts to bridal parties, as an alternative to the “bride” and “bridesmaids” shirts so often seen? Or perhaps as bridesmaids gifts?

WL: I have not sold any to brides/bridal parties. YET.  (Move over silk robes, there’s a new tee in town!)

L&L: Where can people purchase your t-shirts? How are customers finding you and where are they located?

WL: Word of mouth got this whole business started.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy have played a significant role in people finding me.  Social media launched me into places I never imagined!

I have shipped to over half of the U.S. and recently shipped shirts to Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Kenya.  Shirts have gone to Tunisia, Peru, New Zealand, Madagascar, Senegal and several other countries.

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L&L: When you are not spreading your message of love and kindness, what do you most enjoy doing?

WL: I love to read, travel, go to the beach and spend time with my family and friends.  I love to drag out my easel and canvas and paint when I can.  Mixing oil paints makes me happy!

L&L: We understand one of your daughters is getting married this fall. Tell us how that process has been for you, and any inside tips you might have for our readers in the throes of planning their own weddings. Will Wear Love make an appearance at her wedding?

WL: Jordan is getting married in September and the planning has been fun.  We have enjoyed the process together because Jordan is a very relaxed bride  and I have been good at reminding myself this is HER wedding.  My recommendation to moms (and dads) is to celebrate the couple and the marriage, and not make that one “day” the only focus.

Wear Love is definitely making an appearance at Jordan and Geoff’s wedding.  During their preparation time, Jordan and her bridesmaids will be in wear Love tee’s and cute little boxer shorts.  They will put on heels for some great photography shots!  Stay tuned!  Geoff, her fiance suggested that he and the  groomsmen wear their t shirts for dancing at the reception!

Wear Love<br><a href=http://rebeccareadphotography.com/ target=_blank>Rebecca Read Photography</a>


L&L: What “must-see” places and eateries do you suggest to folks from out of town check out while visiting Boston?

WL: Neptune Oyster on Salem Street in the North End is a favorite!  It’s small (so get there early) but they have the best variety of oysters and the lobster roll is to die for.  Hit Modern Pastry for dessert.  If you’re wandering thru Cambridge, stop by LA Burdick in Harvard Square for the french macaroons.  Can you tell I love dessert?

L&L: Thank you for giving us an inside peek into Wear Love. If readers want to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to reach you?

WL: I love to get mail!  I love it when people email that wear Love is their favorite t!  I LOVE pictures!  I respond to all emails so bring it on!

twitter @wearloveout
See “wear” Love showed up!

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