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Glowing skin and effortless beauty looks never go out of style. Today we’re looking back on our interview with Joanne McDonough of Joya Beauty, one of the most knowledgable and sought-after beauty artists in New England. 

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L&L: Tell us a little about you, your background and the history of Joya Beauty.

JOYA: I spent many years in a corporate environment and came to realize that was a good job, but not a passion. I wanted to have a stronger connection with people and use the creative side of my brain, as well as all the great tools learned in an office environment.

My Italian family always greeted us “kids” with “Joya, Joya so nice to see you,” with many hugs and kisses. It made us feel welcomed and warm and loved. That is the way I want my clients to feel… welcomed and cared for when they come through my door. Doing a makeup application, lesson or skin care treatment is a very intimate experience. My clients share very personal information. They share feelings, desires, and their insecurities. And I connect very personally with them.

I started this career by going to NYC and Boston and studying with makeup artists who work in a variety of different fields… celebrity and fashion model photo shoots, film, theater, runway, as well as women just like us. I wanted to be able to understand how to combine professional techniques, products and results with the realities and challenges in most women’s lives.

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L&L: Describe the range of services that you offer. What is the bulk of your work?

JOYA: I “specialize” in bridal makeup. My definition of bridal makeup is a sophisticated, classic, timeless look that showcases the individual to make her comfortable in her makeup so she feels pretty and smiles a lot for the camera. She wants to look beautiful to her groom and her guests who will see her close up, as well as for the camera or video. In this age of high-def photography and digital cameras, what you see is what you see. And I don’t want people to “see” makeup. I want them to see her eye color, her smile, and to think she looks fresh and rested and relaxed. I want them to see her beauty.

I offer a variety of different treatments that are proven and results oriented… from basic relaxing facials to resurfacing peels to microdermabrasion. The products used in the treatment protocols are the same that I offer for home care use… they are the same and only products that I use on my own skin.

We would start with an extensive consultation including a discussion about your “wish list,” goals and what it takes to get the best skin you can have. I see men and women looking for age management for mature skin conditions, teen facials and brides – who come for months prior to the wedding and who have become long time skin care clients. I love it when they bring their babies who sleep in their little carry chairs while Mom is having a relaxing treatment.

L&L: Make-up is sometimes considered a luxury or splurge item on a bride’s budget. How would you reply to this statement?

JOYA: Your photos will be a lifelong memory of your wedding day. For many women it is the day they felt the most beautiful… why not look it as well?

Makeup Artistry as opposed to “having makeup done”… means being able to look at each individual’s face and seeing the bone structure, skin texture, the features – eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, forehead, chin, jaw, neck and creating a balance that is unique to this person.

Makeup is magic to me. With a slight of hand technique we can make a feature virtually “appear” more prominent and striking while making another feature disappear or diminish it so it is not even noticed. What was once a cause for concern simply vanishes. These makeup techniques and corrective makeup applications are used in our everyday makeup application as well as in a more professional setting such as stage, movies, TV, runway, and editorial.

Not even a supermodel’s facial structure is “perfect” and they are just as concerned about imperfections as anyone else. My training and experience crosses into all of these areas.

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L&L: When you are doing a makeup application, what do you strive to create?

JOYA: I want to see a look in the client or bride’s eyes when they look at themselves in the mirror. It has to say… I love the way I look right now! I can tell when they are not there and we take it off and start over!

I love that “perfect” skin look you see in photos in magazines. Always working to create that – even though we know the photos are re-touched you can still get very close to that in real life with today’s products and technology.

I use an air brush a lot since younger women did not grow up with “foundation.” They are used to powder coverage for every day and when it comes to their wedding they don’t want to “feel” their makeup. Air brush makeup also is very durable and looks flawless in photos.

L&L: How far in advance should a bride book you for her wedding day? Do you require a trial before the day of the wedding?

JOYA: I am fortunate enough to have earned the trust of many talented and in demand photographers and event planners. I usually start booking into the next season a year in advance. A “makeup design” appointment is included in the bride’s package and I highly recommend they take advantage of that benefit. We design their look for the big day, the colors and we also custom blend their lip color right here in my studio.

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L&L: On the wedding day, how long does it take to apply a bride’s make-up?

JOYA: I like to have at least 30 minutes with the participants and 45-60 minutes with the bride. Not that it takes that long to apply makeup but we have to allow for the “interruptions.” Flowers are delivered, champagne toasts, gifts etc. happen at the same time and should all be part of the fun.

I have a schedule of appointments for the bridal party to follow so that everyone is ready in time to dress and be ready for the pre-ceremony photos… which are usually the most close up and they need to be picture perfect for that walk down the aisle.

L&L: If readers want to get in touch with you to inquire about your availability, what is the best way for them to reach you?

JOYA: Call 603-534-3412 or email or use the contact link through the website We’re also on Facebook.


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