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May 05 • 2016

1956 Blooms

1956 Blooms |Joyelle West  | 1956 Blooms

L&L: Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to flowers. I would doodle them in my school notebook, chase my parents around our garden, or find ways to add floral touches in every aspect of my life. I loved them. Flash forward to a move from Texas to Boston and I was in the trenches of a grad school program that just wasn’t for me. After some soul searching, a favor or two here and there at some friends’ weddings, and tons of encouraging words later, I began 1956blooms.

 L&L: Describe the range of services you offer.

1956blooms offers floral design and installations for weddings, events, photo shoots, store owners, restaurants…Basically, if it has to do with flowers, we’d love to do it! This coming summer we’re expanding our brand to include an online shop, more styling, and a blog for the plant enthusiast, the decorator, and the designer. We’re pretty excited.

L&L: What is one thing you would say makes your business unique in the industry?

I think a couple of things that set us apart are that we don’t play by a set of florist rules and we take our cues from all aspects of design. I’m a self taught florist, and although that has made things difficult at times, I think this has given us the freedom to really explore creativity and find beauty in the imperfections. We love what we do and we are constantly finding ways to share the joy of flowers with our clients.

 L&L: What are some of your favorite venues and vendors you enjoy working with in the area?

This list is endless! Honestly, I’ve had nothing but the best experience here in Boston with vendors and venues. I’ve made dear friends and I’m convinced that the creative industry here in Boston is like no other. So many talented and driven folks are doing incredible work here in New England–take your pick!

 L&L: How far in advance do couples usually book you for their wedding day?

Oh goodness, you would not believe how long we talk about flowers! Our advance bookings can range from between a year and a half to 5 months. Because we tend to do more than just bouquets and centerpieces at events (we’re talking covered ceilings, huge floral structures, flower walls, you name it…), our wedding clients will book us way in advance to insure that we’re getting all the details just right.

L&L: How do most clients find you?

Most of our clients find us by way of Instagram, Facebook, or word of mouth.

L&L: What is the most memorable wedding you worked at and why?

This is a tough one! So many weddings have been memorable in their own unique way. Whether its been a bride turned friend or a installation that we’ve never done before, we’ve been blessed by such wonderful weddings season after season. I will say that I’m pretty excited about some upcoming weddings for the 2016 season. I think we’ll remember these for a long time!

 L&L: How can couples get in touch with you?

Hi couples! You can get in touch with us via email at


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