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Regardless of where you may be in your planning process it’s always important to remember at the end of this lovely wedding planning rainbow there is a pot of gold – you get to marry your best friend! We hope our Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Maine has eased some stress on the process and cleared a few things up along the way. Today we are sharing the final details you should be thinking about (and not forget) as your day approaches quickly.


When the day comes, invite your party to your fitting, they’ll assure nothing is fitting un-proportionally. This is a good time to work out the last kinks before you walk down the isle.



Creating a seating chart that will keep everyone happy may be impossible, but you can try! When creating this chart keep in mind personalities and family. Generally you’d like people who know each other to stick together, but it doesn’t hurt to mix things up! Consider seating the “random” guests together, placing your parents closest to the main table.



Consider contacting your wedding vendors to assure everyone is on the same page. Re-check arrival times, and any other arrangements that may need to be made before setting up. This is also a good time to coordinate with your entertainment crew and speak about any requests. More specifically communicate with your photographer. Getting some shots taken during your rehearsal dinner, and in the morning of your wedding is a common service a photographer offers.



Making sure all lodging and transportation is taken care of a few days prior is always a great idea. Informing your guests about nearby lodging (if they have yet to book) will also ease things up.



Amongst all the stress between taking a major step in your life, spending a mortgage on your wedding, arranging and contacting all your vendors and keeping everyone happy this may not seem enjoyable. Just remember that this is your day, and it’s a celebration of your love for your partner. Laugh with the ones you don’t see often, dance til your feet are sore, eat good food, drink good drinks. This only happens once!


Thanks for following along with us we shared our Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Maine. If you missed out, you can download the full PDF at loveandlobster.com. Where are you in the planning process? What topics are you interested in learning more about or need help with? Share with us in the comments or connect with us on Facebook

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