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Rebecca Richards Photography

There is nothing more romantic than the smell of salt in the air, and the sound of waves crashing while you celebrate the greatest night of your life. That romance is what drives this blog. As consultants to the wedding industry at LulaWed, we work with amazing wedding professionals who share our passion for creating inspired and personalized events. Yes! We’re the luckiest people in the world. Love & Lobster is our place to assist couples seeking clever online inspiration in planning their wedding along New England’s beautiful coastline with insider tips, interviews with local venues and vendors, and photographic eye candy. We’re ecstatic to bring you the first of many Guides to Getting Married in Maine powered by! We know first hand how daunting and stressful planning a wedding is, so let us help! Here we’ll provide you with some quick tips, information and advice to help keep those greys away. In addition we’ll feature some of our favorite vendors, no need to look any further. In addition we’ll provide you with information applicable from the day you get engaged to your magical wedding day.

Today we’re sharing with you Part One of Getting Married in Maine – MAKE A PRIORITIES LIST AND BUDGET


So you’re engaged, congrats! Let’s get started with some factors to take into account prior to setting the big date. Consider your budget when picking a date. Believe it or not June weddings are more expensive than November weddings. In addition non-Saturday weddings are almost always cheaper when considering venue fees. Remember to coordinate your wedding date to the availability of the venue hosting your wedding. Marrying on holidays can also have pros and cons. In one hand your guests may already have the time off, although traveling, room rates and flexibility of guests may suffer because of this. Lastly take your schedule into account, some couples take a honeymoon right after marrying while others wait. Allow your-self enough time off from work and school to enjoy the festivities.

Okay, so you’ve picked your date – now what? Check out our blog post on Save the Date Etiquette.


Making a priorities list of which elements are the most important to your wedding will be the easiest way to segment your budget. If you plan on spending on a venue, reception entertainment, catering, etc. Consider which of these is the most important to you. You may decide to allocate 45% of your budget towards your venue, if the venue you contact exceeds 45% of your budget you may consider looking elsewhere. There are many factors to spreading a budget, a large one is vendors… we’ll touch upon them in a little bit. Planning ahead is always a good idea. Vendors run promotional offers prior to wedding season and to fill their vacant dates, this could save you some cash on your budget! Sitting down and looking at your available funds will help you decide how much can be spread between vendors, and other miscellaneous costs.

Need more help on where to spend your wedding dollars? Refer to our blog post that will help you prioritize.


It’s the age old question “Do I really need to take engagement pictures?” Just like many things there are pros and cons to having your engagement photos taken. Some couples have found this an extra cost that could be brushed off, although others find including your photos with a “save the date” is a must. Although you’ll save money by skipping this step, many photographers give discounts for wedding packages if you use them for engagement photos. Deals like these may be a great opportunity to take this step at a discounted rate, after only get engaged once! (well hopefully) If you decide to take on this step, it’s always good to plan on a few locations where you’d like to be photographed, which outfits you’d like to wear, and a set time months ahead of your wedding day.

So you decided you want to do your engagement photos – now what? We are sharing the lowdown on engagement portraits to help you prepare and plan on the blog here.


Communication is your best friend, make sure you and your partner give each other equal say in picking your guests. Remember that your head count may be capped by the venue’s limitations as well. The cost per “head” will vary per venue, allow yourself some time to consider if going through an outside vendor would be cheaper for you. Allowing a “Plus-One” offer will likely be taken up by your guest, adding to costs. Lastly avoid last minute add-ons to avoid stress later on.

If you still need help on narrowing it down or finding where to begin, refer to our blog post, Wedding Planning: How to Create Your Guest List for more of an in-depth breakdown of creating a guest list that will make everyone happy.


We hope after reading this post you now have a better idea of where to begin in your wedding planning process – we understand how it can be stressful, but we don’t want it to be. Our Love and Lobster blog is full of useful tips & tricks as well as local trends and beautiful New England wedding inspiration. So keep up with our blog and stay tuned for Part Two in The Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Maine featuring Picking a Venue.


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