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Now that you’ve picked a date, venue and starting working on your budget it’s time to decide who your vendors are. Here are some vendor specific tips to help you allocate your budget, and prioritize the services you’ll need on your special day.

FLOWERS – Before getting too excited, do the sums. Some arrangements may not be as affordable once you budget for everything else. Visiting a florist will allow you to gather information from theme and look to general expenses. Prior to visiting a florist look through bridal magazines and books. Gathering a set theme and color of your flowers will make the process much easier.

ENTERTAINMENT – When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment, so it’s an important topic to hit on. The great debate comes between hiring a wedding band, a DJ or keeping it simple with a home system (ipod/ipad). Going with a basic system will allow you to save big in your budget, in addition to giving you full control of song selections. This although tends to be the least engaging method of them all. Wedding bands tend to be the most costly, but you can’t beat live music! This will require a large amount of room at the venue but tend to be very engaging. A wedding DJ’s charges vary depending on the package you select. They require less room than a general wedding band and are the most engaging of the bunch. Your song list will be customized and requests are always accepted. Wedding DJ’s also handle the progression of the night vocally and musically.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The MVP’s, the ones in charge of documenting what you may not remember! A great way to start the process of selecting a photographer is doing your homework, and deciding what type of photography you prefer. For example a photographer who shoots in a documentary style shoots candid moments, ones that are very upstaged and natural. Portraiture style photographers are ones who shoot classic portraits, mostly posed for. Do some research, read up on reviews from previous brides about your photographer and look into their website and portfolio. Doing this will also allow you to gather a general idea of how much each photographer’s packages run. Most importantly after you coordinate on pricing and styles, make sure you and your photographer match personally. A great relationship between you and your photographer will only produce great shots! Finally make sure your photographer is available the day of your wedding.

CATERING – First things first, inform yourself about your venue and their catering options. As previously stated some venues run full catering operations. If your venue does not, ask them for a list of preferred caterers. Establish a budget before meeting with a caterer and stick to it (a guest list will help with estimating). If possible attend a wedding show or exhibit where you can sample some food from various caterers in the area, or a prospect you may have in mind. After choosing a caterer review your contract fully before John Hancocking a deal.

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