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One of the many fabulous traditions surrounding your wedding day are the bachelor AND bachelorette parties. If you’ve seen the movie The Hangover you might be thinking that a trip to Vegas just isn’t your style. Today we are sharing a few of our favorite alternatives to the crazy and wild bachelor & bachelorette party.

Beach/Lake Getaway – Luckily this getaway doesn’t have to be too far. New England offers beautiful airbnbs, spas, and bed & breakfasts perfect for a relaxing weekend away.

Wedding Olympics РWho said you need to have separate parties? Host a battle of sexes and face off to determine the real winners  of the wedding party through drinking games and trivia about the bride and groom.

Take A Class – Enjoy a sophisticated night out learning how to paint, cook, or make floral arrangements!

Wine Tour/Beer Crawl – Take some of the fun aspects of the traditional party to a place closer to home with a local wine tour or beer crawl.

Backyard Brunch – Didn’t get a chance to have an engagement party with all of your friends? Make up for it with a combined bachelor/bachelorette party in the comfort of your own home.


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