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September 10 • 2015

VibeologyHi! I’m Denise LaCarubba Wendt, from Boston. The name of my company is Vibeology IA (stands for Innovative Audio).

L&L: Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

I’ve been following my passions for music since I was little, and over time have cultivated and am enjoying a thriving, fulfilling + rewarding career within it. I’ve been spinning since 1991, coming up on 25 years’ industry experience soon, and have traveled across the country to entertain in many different atmospheres and ambiances. To be able to invoke emotions and bring about memories through the universal language that is music… playing it in the right way to bring about happiness and loving-kindness to others – music is my soul’s purpose and is a wonderful contribution to society.


 L&L: Describe the range of services you offer.

I specialize in helping you custom-plan your special day soundtrack – including special “must-play” songs, genres, artists that are sentimental to you and your family. Through online tools (like song databases and event planners), your experience in planning your event music will be streamlined, comprehensive and fun to do! I’ll always be availble to assist and guide. Although there are no current “add-on” services available (such as uplighting, or photo booths), I am happy to provide referrals to or suggestions of trusted vendor colleagues to assist you with these options (there is no remuneration for me referring you to other vendors, it’s just good faith!)


L&L: What is one thing you would say makes your business unique in the industry?

I’m a one-woman show.


 L&L: What are some of your favorite venues and vendors you enjoy working with in the area?

Inn on Peaks Island is the What a cozy, fun venue to play at, and such wonderful & kind innkeepers/event contacts! It’s reminiscent of Nantucket.


 L&L: How far in advance do couples usually book you for their wedding day?

Although a good amount of 2015 bridal clients are within a 9-12 month-out time-frame, there have been a few clients here and there with less than a month’s notice. On average, 6 months is the usual time-frame to book out.
 L&L: How do most clients find you?

From attending another wedding or event that I am entertaining. Many events/weddings are literal auditions for many potential new clients, and it’s a joy to see future brides or families utilize me for their day, based upon an event they attended. There is a client with whom I’ve DJed 3 siblings’ individual wedding receptions.


 L&L: What is the most memorable wedding you’ve worked at and why?

One memorable weddings come to mind. In 2010, at a private residence, with a tent constructed in the backyard for reception, the wedding introductions were just getting started. Each group of attendants had their own intro snippet, and hammed it up upon their entrance, sunglasses on with big smiles. Just as soon as the B&G were about to have their own song and enter in, the fuses blew (share DJ power w/the caterer) and I quickly scrambled on top of the DJ table and screamed at the top of my lungs: “Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our newlyweds!” With the roar of the crowd and the clapping of hands + stomping of feet, that was the best music the newlyweds heard for a fitting introduction. Fuses came back on 5 minutes later and all went well for the rest of the day.


 L&L: How can couples get in touch with you?

Through Love & Lobster! Or call or text at (781) 248-5660, email at, on my Facebook page (Denise LaCarubba Wendt), or tweet at @DJDeja.

When you love what you do, it’s never considered work. I have a profound passion for music and posses a gift in creating the right fit for your special day/event soundtrack, intuitively and instinctively.

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