L&L: Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

NECR started by happenstance– a vision and a farm table met. With a little naivety and too much gumption, NECR’s founders decided to take it upon themselves to build 22 wooden farm tables. With the support of family and friends, word spread quickly and soon the tables were being rented time and time again. Over the next few years, that team grew to be a family of over 100, offering thousands of products, spanning over 100,000 square feet of warehouse, and crisscrossing the Northeast on a daily basis.

NECR is not your ordinary “event rental company”. We are comprised of dozens of uniquely talented and creative people, from all walks of life, who love putting their energy into making each experience unique by bringing our clients visions to life. We are constantly launching new and exciting products, designs, and opportunities – and we are always looking for inspiration to reinvent ourselves, our products, and our industry.


 L&L: Describe the range of services you offer.

NECR is a full service company offering everything from basic furniture, linen and tableware rentals to speciality and custom pieces, allowing you to handpick every creative detail. Our Sales Team is a knowledgeable and talented group of individuals ready to assist you with your rental items, event look and feel, while our Custom Team works very closely with clients to bring their custom designs and visions to life. From basic rentals to custom furniture and prints, NECR will help you create the perfect look for your big day.


L&L: What is one thing you would say makes your business unique in the industry?

The one thing that probably differentiates NECR from other local rental companies the most is our incredible custom department and our can-do attitude. When a couple comes to us with a certain vision and we may not have the products that completely match their idea, that’s when our Custom Team steps in to help them make their dream a reality. When it comes to custom, our clients’ imaginations are the limit. We can make anything from personalized wooden lettering for reception tables to 15 ft tall rainbow colored adirondack chairs or custom designed tablecloths. One thing we’re really excited about is our brand new HD printer, able to print any design onto whichever medium the client is interested in, whether it be cotton fabric, textured paper, or even vinyl.


 L&L: What are some of your favorite venues and vendors you enjoy working with in the area?

NECR is involved in anywhere from 2,300 to 2,600 events a year, which means we get to work with a huge amount of talented and genuinely amazing people, and of course makes it extremely difficult to name just a few. From florists to photographers to event planners, collaboration between vendors is an integral part in making a wedding a blissful and smooth day, and NECR works with too many wonderful people to fairly single out a handful. If couples are interested in discovering some of the vendors we work with in their area, we encourage them to visit our blog and check our vendor shout-outs at the bottom of each post, or otherwise connect with one of our sales representatives and ask their advice based on what they’re looking for.


 L&L: How far in advance do couples usually book you for their wedding day?

A large number of couples contact us for our services around 12 months in advance, around the same time as they start working with wedding planners and booking their wedding venue. This is an optimal amount of time in advance to book rentals because couples are able to pick out their favorite products for their big day without fear of them already being rented out for another event. It is fairly common for couples come to us 2-4 months before their wedding to choose rental items, and often they are disappointed to learn that those items are already reserved by someone else for their date. We recommend booking rentals 7-12 months in advance to ensure all the products the couple are interested in will be available for their wedding.
 L&L: How do most clients find you?

There are many ways clients come to us, ranging from recommendations from friends and family to seeing one of our Facebook posts and following it to our site. However, the most common way clients find us is simply by searching for event rental services on their preferred search engine.


 L&L: What is the most memorable wedding you’ve worked at and why?

Every wedding is different and memorable in its own way. Each couple has their own unique story, and our favorite kind of weddings are the ones that reflect the details that make each relationship special. For example, one couple had a mutual love for Harry Potter and so made paper flower bouquets from their favorite passages for their ceremony. Another couple got married at the park where they had their first date, and even had the pizza parlor they dined at that day cater their wedding. Of course there are other memorable aspects of certain weddings, like breathtaking locations or elaborate flower displays (and we do appreciate those too), but the unique sentimental details incorporated into a couple’s wedding are what make them stand out the most to us.


 L&L: How can couples get in touch with you?

The easiest way to contact NECR with questions or feedback is by giving us a call at 781-990-6000 or visiting our “Need Help?” section of our site, http://newenglandcountryrentals.com/about-necr/customer-service/need-help.html. However, if the couple is more digitally inclined, we welcome them to reach out through NECR’s Facebook page, our website’s chat function, or through email at info@newenglandcountryrentals.com.

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