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Hiring a hair stylist for your wedding (or wedding specialist) is such an important part of your wedding day. Not only are they helping you create your dream wedding look, but they set the tone for the day. The getting ready portion of the wedding day, should be fun, relaxing, reflective on the process of this wedding and surrounded by your support system.  A wedding specialist would be well aware of the time line for the day and making sure that you are completed when you need to be. When the beauty part of the day is done, you are ready for photographs. A wedding photographer that is carefully selected and you have been working with to create your ideal wedding memories.

If you hair is late, so are your photos. It the hair stylist job to make sure that the bride is done on time for photos. Working with the photographer, bride and event coordinator with a schedule will help to keep everyone on the same page.  When I am working with a bride I make sure to talk about her vision for her wedding day. If she is concerned about timing and not being rushed, I may add in some more time. If I know the photographer wants ample time for photos, I may schedule that in as well.

It is my job to make sure that the bride’s vision for her wedding day is complete.

After having a hair design appointment with the bride there is no question about her hair style.  It is fun to recreate her vision on her wedding day. The rest of the bridal party, also has a visions or direction from the bride. That may be the bride has requested everyone to have their hair up, or that everyone can do what makes them feel pretty. All these things that should be talked about previous to the day of so that the wedding day is stress free.

All of these HUGE details are a thing that wedding specialist or stylist that has experience with weddings will know and take care of. Hairstylists are not all equal. Your regular hairstylist may give you the best hair cut or color and has been your friend forever. They are not specialist. I strongly recommend you to look elsewhere before committing to them.  Did you know that only about 20% of hair stylist even do formal styling? They often don’t like it and are afraid of it.

If you are hiring a hairstylist for your wedding ask them about their experience with weddings. What will the timeline for the day may look like? if there is a trial involved? how long do they estimate this taking?

I always recommend having a trial and right away if you are unsure. Make sure it is a real hairstyle, not “this is kind of what it will look like” style. See how long it lasts, are the curls right? Do they share your vision? Make a pinterest board with ideas, must haves and “god please no styles”!! I love these too!

Wedding specialist book about 12 months in advance – so if you want someone to come to you and meet your needs – book early! It is never too early!

I continually get phone calls weeks before weddings after brides have had trials and they are not happy and of course I can’t help them because I am already booked. It is better to be safe!


Hair That Moves

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How to get the most out of your wedding hair design appointment!

So you are looking for the right hairstylist or have hired your stylist and are looking to create the best hair style for your wedding day. This look needs to encompass so many important things. here they are…

Photos, lots of photos.  Maybe the front of one style and the back or side of others. Is the style high or low or to the side? is it smooth or textured? Share styles you really don’t like as well! Then the stylist should pick these ideas apart and customize them for you.

Your everyday look, Do you want to stay close to that but a little nicer or do you want something dramatically different!

What is the setting for your wedding? Does this style fit the feel? Vintage, Ocean side, rustic, formal, causal!?

What necklines on your dress should you show off? Front and back, shoulders, sleeves ect?

How about your face shape, does this style work best for you?

Are you wearing a veil or hairpiece? If you are not sure, choosing a hairstyle first help chose the right one!

Do you want your hair to convert? One hair style for the ceremony and one for the reception? Can you make that work?

what is your hair texture and thickness like? Will your hair do what the picture or models does? If not how can you add hair and or choosing a better style for your hair type! This is HUGE. BE REALISTIC

How do you see your wedding party wearing their hair? Taking personality, symmetry or photos into consideration

Your hair color is also important when choosing a hair style. Is the color of the model creating texture movement, excitement and interest? If so, than color is an option bust also important to your choice.

Make sure to have your hair color done before the wedding and or trial so that you can get an idea of what adds to the look. Ie; fresh highlights will give you more volume and lift then 2″ roots, it looks flat and limp

Ask the stylist how they want you to come to the trial. With makeup or without. we always like our hair better when we feel and look pretty. Not after the gym! Clean dry hair or day old hair.

Make sure to document the appointment. Take photos so you know what you liked and can reference on the wedding day.

Follow up. Make sure to let the stylist know after the trial how your style held up. Did it last? Were the curls tight enough? Did you frizz,? And most importantly, was it perfect? These are all things that can be fixed and better to change it now than on the day of.


You can find more about Lena and Hair that Moves on her website.

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