At it’s core, the most important thing that your save-the-dates and wedding invitations can do is to tell your potential guests the time, location, and date of your wedding. But a wedding invitation is so much more than just that! It’s also one of the first public communications about your wedding, and it can help your guests know what to expect when it comes to the tone and style of your wedding.

For instance, pick a card that looks like this, and you’ll be telling your guests to get ready for a fun, quirky, and casual time at your wedding.

casual save the date

Pick a card that has this look and feel, on the other hand, and you’ll be prepping your guests for a more formal occasion (though no less fun!)

formal nautical invitation

Wording also matters greatly in setting the tone and formality of your wedding. Keep it traditional by using proper surnames and the third person. Or make it more personal by using “we’d be honored” and nicknames or fun wordplay.

From the paper weight, to the font style, your choices in your invitation say a lot. But don’t get too caught up on any of the details! In the end, invitations are only one aspect of your wedding and will not make or break your big day. Whatever style invitation you end up going with, however, make sure to do your guests a favor by having a clear call to action on your invitation, such as RSVPing or inviting them to visit your wedding website for more information.


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