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While barn weddings have become popular all over the country (just like estates in Europe), New England really is the place you think of when you think of quintessential barns.  These old barns and farm houses were a way of life there for hundreds of years. With the decline of farms and the New England winters many of these places have fallen down, so it is wonderful to see some of these places being restored and turned into event spaces. Having your wedding in a Maine or New England barn is a wonderful experience for your friends and family.  Barns have their own character and really give you that “New England and Maine feeling/experience”.

Here are 5 things to consider when planning your Maine barn wedding:


1.  Lighting

During the day these barns/farm houses have gorgeous natural light, but when the sun sets and you are ready to get your party on it is pretty dark in the barn and around the farmhouse.  We highly recommend bringing in a lighting company to hang some chandeliers and or string some lights.


2.  Use of Space

Many people will rent a tent for the dinner portion of the wedding so that they can use the barn area to set up the band/DJ and “party space.”  It is nice to consider how the people will experience the space and how the timeline of the event will flow through the property.

Considerations include: parking, seating during dancing for elderly, handicap accessibility, where the catering company will base out of, where dessert will be served, where the bar is stationed, bathrooms, and what is the rain plan?


3.  Decorations

Often the barns are beautiful as they are because they have that rustic feel, but it is nice to give the space your own touch and maybe make it have more of a rustic elegance for your wedding. Consider things like linens and bunting.  You can use ribbon or fabric for some awesome DIY backgrounds that just bring the space up a notch.  Florals are also huge for really creating a beautiful wedding space.


4.  Food and Drink

Some fun ideas for food at your rustic elegant Maine or New England barn wedding are BBQ or Food Trucks.  It is important that you talk with your catering companies beforehand so that you know they will have everything they need: power, water, generators, etc.  Also check with them to ensure that you do not need any additional rentals such as linens, glassware, napkins, or silverware.


5.  Educate your Guests

In order for your guests to have the best time they can, be sure to let them know how to dress for the facility. New England weather is unpredictable, and, because of that fact, they should be sure to have layers and backup shoes.  The more information you can provide your guests, the more comfortable they will be and the more fun they will have. Offer them lawn games and other activities to play into the New England-relaxed feel.


Maine and New England barn weddings represent a casual, organic way of life.  That translates so well into a wedding experience.  It provides a fun, laid-back atmosphere and offers an experience that most people don’t get everyday.  Barn weddings are beautiful and rustic but can be transformed into something elegant and extraordinary.  Maine barns are my absolute favorite Maine wedding venues….I love Hardy Farm, Flanagan Farm, The Barn on Walnut Hill, and Laudholm Farm.  If you want more suggestions on how to be sure your barn wedding is elegant and extraordinary, hire an expert.  Try some of the best Maine barn wedding planners….Daisies & Pearls, b merry, Cairn Events, Seacoast Harbor Events, and Pencil Events.


Thank you again to Kivalo Photography for sharing this awesome content with us today!

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