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10 Things to Know about Affixing Boutonnieres

As a wedding officiant you wouldn’t think that I would necessarily know how to but on a boutonniere, but actually, more times than not, I end up helping the groomsmen do it. I’ve even had to remind the guys to put them on before the ceremony! I’ve learned a few tricks along the way. Here are some things to know about putting on boutonnieres:

  1. in almost ALL cases you need two pins to properly affix a boutonniere. make sure you ask your florist to include two pins per boutonniere or buy some extra boutonniere pins.
  2. boutonnieres should be affixed to the left lapel of the mens’ jackets (their left, not yours when you’re facing them).
  3. the pins should go through the lapel fabric, then through the stem of the bout, and the through the lapel fabric again.
  4. boutonnieres should rest vertically along the lapel (it’s easier to do this if you have two pins).
  5. it’s not necessary to cross the pins if you have two. one can go through the top of the stem and the other just a little lower.
  6. do not put a pin through the flower or any part of the boutonniere that isn’t stem.
  7. the pins should be on the underside of the lapel and should not show if affixed properly.
  8. assign someone with steady hands (and preferably experience) to affix the boutonnieres. do not expect that the groomsmen will know how to affix them properly.
  9. affix the boutonnieres as close to the ceremony time as possible without it causing stress. if they’re put on too early there is a chance they can get crumpled by hugs or wilt from humidity.
  10. if the flower breaks off, carefully and slowly unravel the floral tape just enough and then try to put the flower back and re-create the boutonniere. someone who is brave needs to do this.

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