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Perhaps one of the hardest choices to make through this process is deciding on a venue for your wedding/reception. Many factors will help you decide on a venue that will fit your ceremony just right. For starters, what’s your style? Venues around the state have themes that are characterized by their structure, presentation and location. If you intend to have a very laid back, and relaxed ceremony a Beach/Tropical venue would possibly work best. Hotel, Estate or urban venues come with the convenience of near-by lodging and in-city attractions. For a more traditional ceremony a church would be a great choice, as these venues require minor set up and lower costs. Size matters, determine the number of guests you’ll be hosting to have a better idea of the size venue needed.

Consider the following factors before pulling the trigger on a venue. Find out the number of weddings the venue hosts. This will show you the popularity and experience of the venue as well as help you determine the busy seasons and availabilty the venue might have for the date you have in mind. Research options for out-of-town guests early. Many places offer group rates for renting a number of rooms. Does the venue have a website, nice photos, are they blogging regularly? First impressions should count a lot in this decision. Touching back on your budget, some venues offer wedding packages. In addition to rental costs, venues offer full catering options. Compare “per-head” prices between your venue and independent caterers, this may save you a few pennies. Lastly, make sure to visit the venue once or twice priot to making a decision. Attending the venue when they’re hosting a fayre or wedding show will allow you to see the venue all dressed up on your wedding day.

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Stay Tuned for The Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Maine: Part Three – Finding Your Wedding Vendors.

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