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We could write a full guide on how to decide on a wedding dress alone, but for your sake here are some quick tips to consider when getting started. Do some research before going in, look online and in magazines to gather an idea of the style you want to aim for. Decide on a silhouette, these can range from ball gowns, to A-Lines and Sheaths. These styles all range in the way they’ll make you look, for example a ball gown looks good on any body type unless you have a shorter build, where A-lines are more fitten and less traditional. Perhaps the most important factor of the process is deciding on a budget. Some experts recommend devoting 10% of the total budget towards the bride’s attire. Go into the bridal shop with a generic budget you want to stick with, you can always break your budget if expenses allow. Find more dress shopping tips & men’s attire inspiration in our past blog posts.


Generally invitations go out six to eight weeks prior to your big day. This will allow your guests plenty of time to arrange their schedules. If you’re having a destination wedding allow around 3 months notice. Need more help? Check out our blog post here.


Start by looking at some examples, this will give you an idea in regards to content and time you want to spend reading. Get personal, but assure to rid the clichés. Strip down the content and shorten it to about 1-2 minutes. Lastly rehearse and practive, to keep from staring at a paper once the moment arrives. Looking for some quotes and poems to spark your inspiration? Head over here.


Before you get planning, agree on a budget for your honeymoon, this will help narrow down your choices. If your budget does not allow for a getaway honeymoon, consider a minimoon.These allow you to get away on a lower budget! After deciding on a budget, agree on a location (tropical locations are very popular). Contemplate a travel agent, if you can go without research local hotels for best prices. If you plan on traveling also consider transportation. Book the tickets, the hotel and relax!

Not sure what the heck a minimoon is? Learn more over on the blog.

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