When you first look at a jaw dropping bouquet it’s the big blooms that always seem to get the spotlight, and for good reason. But when you’re making a bouquet, you often need filler flowers and plants to help round out your bouquet. So we decided it might be useful to get the low-down on types of fall flowers bursting with color and texture that can help fill out those gorgeous bouquets. Knowing the names of these types of flowers, plants, and herbs is very useful when you’re trying to speak with your florist about your ideal look or picking your own bouquet.


Amaranth comes in many types including globe, sticks and the long spindley varieties pictured from left to right below. In addition to red and white, it comes in various shades of orange and yellow.

Amaranth Collage


Berries are a fantastic way to add unusual pops of color and texture to a bouquet or table centerpiece. Varieties of fall berries often used in wedding bouquets include Bittersweet, Hypericum, Privet Berry, and Snowberry. Hypericum comes in a huge number of colors: red, green, peach, white, pink and more.

Berries Filler Collage

Golden Yellows and Neutrals:

Orange Eremurus looks like a cross between dragon snaps and amaranth and has a beautiful subtle ombre gradient. Craspedia Billy Balls and Scabiosa Pods are both really funky textures and can add some geometric definition to your bouquet.

yellow filler Collage


Textured fillers abound and provide myriad options for adding depth and looseness to your bouquet. Seeded Eucalyptus (pictured in the top photo below) is a trending favorite right now. Agonis is a beautiful silvery green with a purple-ish red stalk, making it lend itself especially nicely to fall weddings that occur closer to the holiday season. Wild grasses are a cheap and easy way to bring your region’s natural surroundings into your bouquet and also give a very natural feeling if you’re having an early fall wedding on a New England beach. Bunny Tails provide a textural counterpoint to the soft petals of flowers (and also just have an adorable name!). Dusty Miller is a beautiful silver green and creates an amazing pattern in any bouquet. It looks especially wonderful in nautical, beachy weddings because of its color. Olive Branches are both poignantly symbolic and bring in a gorgeous dark green color as well as adding in a neat texture if the seed pods are left attached.

Green Filler Collage


Herbs are an often-overlooked filler for bridal bouquets. Not only are they symbolically important (many herbs are believed to ward off evil spirits), but herbs such as Mint, Russian Sage, or Rosemary also add unexpected and delightful fragrances to your bouquet.

Herbs Filler Collage


Succulents are quickly become a well-known crowd pleaser, and for good reason! They add dimension and really funky character to any bouquet. And their varieties in shape, color, and size seem endless, making it possible to find the perfect one to match your wedding.

succulents 2


While these are certainly not the only fillers available for your fall bouquet, we hope that they’ve kickstarted your imagination to help you come up with your dream bouquet (and also given you the tools to be able to communicate better with your florist and wedding planner!).


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