Liz is tying the knot: tomorrow!

January 24 • 2014

Wow. I’m getting married this week!

Things I’ve learned during the last week of my engagement: no matter how much time you spend planning, your crazy aunt who you haven’t heard from in months will still wait to RSVP (she’s coming!) until 3 days after your final head count was due to the caterer. Also all parents are crazy, shipping costs when you need something in 2 days are really expensive, and it’s too late to elope. No one said wedding planning was easy.

While things have been a little crazy this week, I am only joking about the elopement thing. Kyle and I are so excited to get married in front of and party with all of our closest friends and family this weekend- and a week long trip to Antigua on the other side of it isn’t looking too shabby either.

Hopefully by the time I get back we’ll have plenty of photos to share, and for sure a rundown of the whole event! If you’re looking for a sneak peak, be sure to check out our Instagram hashtag: #hellokirbys.

Liz and Kyle Maine Wedding

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