A few months into my wedding planning I got together with a couple of friends and started a (side) business called The DIY Bar, based around my passion for crafting and creative projects. Given this and the aforementioned passion for craftin’, it was obvious to me that a lot of my wedding decor would be DIY, despite the fact that I had hired several “professionals” to make my wedding vision come to life. I enlisted the help of my soon-to-be father-in-law as well as my own dad for their wood-chopping skills, and got to work.

Let me just tell you, if you are planning to DIY any part of your wedding, but especially if you are planning to DIY a lot of parts of your wedding, START EARLY! Also, don’t leave all of the horribly tedious crafts for the end if you can help it. Unfortunately for me the worst and most tedious project was the seating chart, which you have to leave to the end, but not to worry, it only took me 7 attempts (yes, 7) to get it right.

Signs: I decided early on that I wanted the signs to epitomize rustic meets glam (bohemian black tie). So I bought a couple of pieces of old flooring from the ReStore in Portland, and my dad helped me cut the huge pieces into sign-size pieces with a saws-all. My basement still has sawdust everywhere. You’re welcome, again, Kyle. I sanded the pieces a bit to give them a smoothish surface, and found a font I liked on Picmonkey. I typed out each word, printed it, cut it out, and used it as a stencil. It was a lot of work, but I am really happy with the end result. In fact I stenciled this font so many times that I can now write it freehand, which is pretty cool.

DIY Wedding Projects Maine

Glitter & Spray Painted Birch Branches: These will be lining the “skywalk” at the Portland Company. Kyle’s dad chopped down the birch branches for me, and his mom and I lugged them into the woods and sprayed them with a very subtle “nickle, satin finish” spray paint. I then took them home to my garage and used spray adhesive on the ends of each branch to affix some glitter, for twinkle effect. There may or may not still be glitter all over the garage. You’re welcome, Kyle.

“Planting” these branches was definitely the hardest part of putting them together. What I ended up doing was buying red plasticbuckets at the Dollar Tree, spray painting them silver and using spray foam insulation to keep the branch in the bucket. It was intense, and you do not want to get this stuff on your hands…trust me- wear gloves.

DIY Wedding Projects Maine

Chairbacks: These silver and glittery chairbacks were SO easy to make. I bought foam paper at Michaels, which was already silver and already glittered. I used the same method I used for the signs, which was type the words in the font I like, print it, and use it as a stencil. I did have to do it backwards, since it was too hard to stencil on the glittery part of the foam paper, but that was the only challenge. I cut it out, punched holes in the top, attached some ribbon, and voila. They look really good, if I do say so myself.

DIY Wedding Projects Maine

Overall I’m really happy that I decided to put all of this work into the decor of my wedding, because it makes the whole event feel so uniquely “us”. I will say, as I said above, however, that it was a lot more work than I thought. And not all of it is fun or satisfying. So, if you’re going to DIY any of your wedding decor, make sure to give yourself a lot of time, and have a back up plan for if something doesn’t come out the way you want it. And be prepared to go to Michaels every weekend, maybe twice a weekend, from now until your wedding day. Just sayin.

DIY Wedding Projects Maine

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