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I’ve been in a few of my friends’ weddings, and each time we’ve all made the group-wide, day-long trek to a salon for everyone to get their hair and makeup done. Each time, it’s worked out well enough, especially for the brides, who always look stunning. For some reason, maybe because I’m getting married in the middle of the Winter and there could possibly be a nor’easter on my wedding day, when it came to deciding my own bridal hair and makeup, I decided that I wanted someone to come to me. Saying this and finding someone to do the job (well!) turned out to be two very different things.

There is no shortage of hair and makeup people in Maine that will come to you for your wedding hair and makeup. In fact, I’m pretty sure anyone would…for the right price. So, I started at a place in Scarborough (which I won’t name) for a hair and makeup trial. The makeup would have been great had I been going to my bachelorette party, however, for my wedding it was a little cray. The hair was unacceptable.

Feeling discouraged and like I didn’t want to drop another $50 on a trial that I might not like, I decided to do my own hair and makeup. I’ll tell you that no one thought this was a great idea (sweet vote of confidence, mom). So, I compromised and said I would only do my own hair, if I could find a place that did my makeup to my satisfaction. I booked an appointment at a very reputable Old Port salon with their most “seasoned consultant”. BIG MISTAKE. I don’t know if I could have run to my car any faster while simultaneously trying to cover my face from nearby passersby. I raced home and promptly washed it all off and again resolved to doing my own hair and makeup.

If Kate Middleton can do her own wedding makeup, so can I, Mom! I set up an appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter in Macy’s and absolutely loved the result, which was a cross between Kate Middleton’s wedding day makeup (also Bobbi) and Katie Holmes’ face lookin’ smoldering on a poster in the BB section of Macy’s. This is definitely not the least expensive route, as I ended up buying almost all of the products they used (so much for not spending more money on experimenting), but the tutorial was really good and I’ve been able to replicate it myself a few times since then- success (even Mom thinks it looks good)! And, I have a whole new arsenal of makeup to use every day, which is pretty great.

bobbi  brown wedding makeup

As for doing my own hair, I bought a set of hot rollers, borrowed my friends’ 2” curling iron, bought a new flat iron, and got to experimenting. Some things were OK, most things were not, and none of it was wedding-day good enough. After two sessions playing with different looks with a hair-tool-savvy girlfriend, I started feeling like I might need a professional. I made a last ditch effort to do (yet another) trial with a friend of mine’s cousin. That was last Friday morning. I came into work looking pretty glam to say the least, but she did a good job with my hair. She’s hired! Assuming I don’t change my mind in the next five weeks.

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