With all of the established social media, email, telephone and texting capabilities out there, you’re probably thinking that it should be easy to plan your wedding in tandem with your fiance, even if you are living far away from each other or have crazy work or travel schedules. There’s comes a point, however, when too many options, too many ways to connect, causes more stress than stress-relief. Wouldn’t it be nice if you and your fiance’s calendar, messages, video calls, and to-do lists were all synched within one private app? An app that had functionality even after the wedding planning was over? We propose for your consideration a new app: Couple. The app has been downloaded by over a million couples so far and purports to do all of the above: private messages between you and your love, video calls and messages, phone calls, synched calendars and to-do lists, all with the added bonus of the Thumbkiss, a feature that lets you and your partner “kiss” via a real time thumbprint on the screen. (Cheesy, we know, but we also kind of love it). Check it out and see whether it’s a good fit for you at couple.me.

couple app

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