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September 09 • 2014


Vitaly M Photography

Vitaly M Photography 

When it comes to wedding etiquette, the bride and groom aren’t the only ones who should mind their manners. It’s just as important for guests to abide by a code of conduct.

Most guests already know the obvious no no’s: Don’t get blindingly drunk, drag along an uninvited guest or wear white (yes, this rule still applies. Off-white is okay, but edging on dangerous territory). Many, though, may not know the finer points of propriety, especially when it comes to the ceremony.

A few don’ts to keep in mind during the I dos:

Don’t use your cell phone. Silence that smart phone before the procession begins, and resist all urges to text, Tweet, check in on Facebook, or, heaven forbid, make a call. Even if it’s to share giddy congratulations for the husband and wife to-be. You were invited to witness the wedding, not to tap out a running play-by-play.

Don’t be late. You’ve likely had months to plan, so arrive on time. If a last-minute emergency delays you, try to catch the wedding planner or venue coordinator’s eye to get a cue on when to make a discreet entrance.

Don’t whip out your camera. Unless the couple has opted against hiring a professional photographer, the photos are covered. Not only can the noise from a camera distract other guests, but the flash also interferes with the photos the couple is actually paying for. Save your point-and-shoot for the reception.

Don’t obstruct the photographer. Along the same lines, avoid blocking the aisle. The processional and exchanging of vows are among the most memorable moments of the day. The photographer’s trying to shoot the bride and groom, not the back of your head.

Don’t be disrespectful of the couple’s traditions. You may not share their religious or cultural customs, but the day’s not about you. Keep quiet and pay attention, even if you don’t understand or share the sentiment.

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