We are so excited for the upcoming BESWOON Bridal Showcase. We have been waiting for a young enthusiastic planner to shake up the traditional bridal show.  Adrienne Horty, owner of Refinery Events and Marketing, understands what young millennial brides are looking for and she is passionate about connecting couples to the vendors that will make their dream wedding come to life.

Read Adrienne’s Q&A below to hear what she’s planning and how to get tickets:

BESWOON Curated Bridal Showcase<br><a href=http://www.beswoon.com target=_blank>BESWOON</a>

L&L: BESWOON is a completely new concept for bridal shows. Where did the idea for BESWOON come from?

BESWOON: BESWOON has been brewing for over a year, and I’m so excited that it is taking shape! The concept emerged from a few personal experiences as a planner with The Refinery, and I was inspired even further by some creative industry professionals that I passed the idea by. Part of the inspiration came from attending a traditional bridal show…the event felt more like a business expo. For me it was missing those artistic and social elements that make the wedding journey so exciting. Furthermore, it was hard to truly get a feeling for the talent the vendors had to offer without being able to see it, touch it, or experience their work. To make an impression, and a memorable one, I figured that what the market needed was an experiential event; one where guests could explore and experience all of the details that make up a wedding. I wanted to create a setting that encourages conversations, interaction, and fun! On the vendor side, I wanted to create an atmosphere of networking that was also valuable. The idea of having a team of vendors work together to create and design a room seemed like a unique and practical way for them to experience each other’s work and develop a working relationship.

L&L: There are 3 experiential rooms and each room is based on a unique theme. Why did you choose the themes you chose?

BESWOON: I selected three wedding themes that were relevant to Maine and what brides are still interested in designing. While the colors and interpretation of each theme changes with each couple, a lot of brides for 2013 and 2014 are building off from one of these three themes. The challenge posed to the vendors’ is to then take the common theme to the next level and show brides what can be created out of the general theme.

Gatsby Wedding Inspiration Beswoon

L&L: Will the rooms and themes change every year?

BESWOON: The room themes will change every year. BESWOON was created to inspire brides and vendors, and changing the wedding themes is one way to keep it exciting. You may even see the colors of the BESWOON logo change each year. Right now, brights are popular and fun, so we wanted to incorporate some current wedding trends into the show and our brand. At the same time, we want to push these trends beyond what has been “done” before and that is where the magic will happen!

L&L: Each room is designed by a group of vendors. What is it like bringing together the best vendors in Maine purely for inspiration?

BESWOON: It’s amazing, it’s challenging, and it’s inspirational! There are so many potential vendors to choose from that being selective can be challenging. Yet it’s so invigorating talking to the vendors who understand the concept of BESWOON and are excited to collaborate and create something new!

Nautical Wedding Inspiration Beswoon

L&L: What do you think the hardest part of planning a wedding is?

BESWOON: As an event planner I think the hardest (and also the most fun) part of planning a wedding is creating something unique that represents the personalities of the couple getting married. For the couple planning the wedding, I think the most challenging part is finding the time to enjoy the wedding planning process. It’s so easy for couples to feel stressed about their big day and the timeline leading up to it; I try to remind all of my couples that it’s supposed to be fun; that they should take time out to enjoy themselves and the process; and that they should take days “off” where they don’t talk about the wedding at all!

Rustic Wedding Inspiration Beswoon

L&L: What advice do you have for couples from out of state who want to get married in Maine?

BESWOON: Start planning early, find local vendors, and then get to know them! Select vendors whose work you appreciate but also whose personalities you enjoy! Planning your wedding is a journey and in order to enjoy it you need to surround yourself with people you like working with.

L&L: You also have a wedding planning business- The Refinery, did working as a planner inspire how you wanted to change bridal shows?

BESWOON: Yes, absolutely! I’ve worked with so many extremely talented professionals that do not attend the traditional bridal shows for the same reason I chose not to- they just didn’t fit with our goals or our vision. I wanted to help create a showcase that was the best of both worlds for brides/couples and the vendors.

The Refinery<br><a href=http://www.samanthaclarkphotography.com/ target=_blank>photo: samantha clark photography</a>

L&L: What are some of your favorite wedding moments with your couples?

BESWOON: Of course I love when they walk down the aisle, it always gives me happy-chills. But this year one of my favorite moments was watching a bride have a traditional first-look with her groom. It was private with that element of surprise, and the expressions exchanged were just priceless.

Madiera/Day Wedding<br><a href=http://www.refineryevents.com/portfolioitem/s-w-claremont-hotel/ target=_blank>Kangall Photography</a>

L&L: Where do you go in Maine when you need to get inspired?

BESWOON: I like to get out and explore, and mostly that takes form in finding new hikes that I can go on! What I love about this is that it gets me out into the elements which I find refreshing and invigorating; but then it allows me to find small towns, new coffee shops, cute antique stores or lovely boutiques- each with something new to share.

L&L: How can a couple sign up for the show?

BESWOON: You can RSVP (aka purchase tickets) for BESWOON from our website. We have general admission tickets for $30 or you can plan a weekend out of it and buy a VIP ticket for $200 which includes admission for two, one overnight room at The Westin, and two glasses of champagne!


For more information check out BESWOON:

WHEN: Saturday March 8, 2014
WHERE: Westin Portland Harborview Hotel 
TIME: 2-5pm (doors open at 1pm for cocktail hour)


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