We love that weddings are becoming more than just events; they are becoming an opportunity to express your uniqueness personalities. Don’t let that make you afraid or anxious! Think of your wedding as a party and plan it as an event you would be thrilled to attend.

Today we celebrate the idea of having your wedding at an art museum. These are not always the cheapest venues (often times the museum requires that you become a donor to the museum before you will be eligible to rent the space), but they can be some of the most colorful, quirky, and creative places imaginable. If a museum itself is out of your price range but you still crave being surrounded by vibrant art, consider reaching out to local galleries and art schools to see if they have a space that they are willing to consider renting out.

Below are some of our favorite art museums in New England (that allow weddings, as not all museums do.):

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum | Boston, MA

This museum is home to the incredible private collection of its namesake, Isabella Stewart Gardner. While the collection consists mostly of works by European masters and decorative arts, all displayed as Gardner intended in a specially constructed 15th century Venetian style villa, the museum itself is surrounded by a modern architectural shell composed of glass and steel. This makes the venue perfect for the couple who enjoys both the old and the new and interesting fusions between the two.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Collage

The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum | Lincoln, MA

The deCordova is also a legacy of a 19th century collector, Julian de Cordova, the son of a Jamaican merchant. During the early 1900s, de Cordova remodeled his house to look like a European manor. Despite his stately manor, de Cordova was a collector of modern and contemporary art and celebrated living artists. The museum continues its founder’s vision with an eclectic mix of artwork scattered upon its grounds and within its walls.

decordova Collage

MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) | North Adams, MA

A converted factory, MASS MoCa retains a feeling of industry in its vast complex (it boasts over 20 buildings!, though not all are open to the public). It is home to one of the largest galleries in the world (it’s over the size of a football field), and because of this, it hosts some of the most unusual and massive exhibits in the country. Its expansive grounds give ample opportunity to host both the ceremony and reception onsite, and its ongoing 25-year Sol Lewitt installation is sure to provide some colorful and memorable photo backdrops. A big benefit of MASS MoCA is that they allow you to hold the actual ceremony in certain art galleries, such as the Sol Lewitt galleries.

mass moca Collage

ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) | Boston, MA

If you’re a fan of all things contemporary, the ICA might be your perfect venue. The ICA embraces all types of art: visual arts, film, performance, literature, and video, and is truly at the forefront of exploring new visual ideas. It’s event spaces are somewhat limited (and you’re required to rent out the whole museum), but it does have the benefit of being located in Boston proper.

ICA Collage

Ogunquit Museum of American Art | Ogunquit, ME

The Ogunquit is the only museum in Maine devoted exclusively to the exhibition and preservation of American Art and is a true champion of Maine artists, both past and current. It has seaside gardens, a reflection pool, and is located right on the coast, making it a good fit for couples who desire a seaside ceremony.

ogunquit museum

Shelburne Museum | Shelburne, VT

Nestled in Vermont’s Lake Champion Valley, the Shelburne celebrates unconventional art and Americana, which is reflected in its unusual and eclectic building styles and event locations. You can even hold your reception in an old boat! The Shelburne is especially well known for folk art, decorative arts, and furniture from the 17th-20th centuries.

shelburne Collage


Photos from their respective museum websites.

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