Inside Peek: French’s Point

October 15 • 2014

emilie inc.

French’s Point is an upscale estate tucked away on a serene point on Maine’s rocky coast near Penobscot Bay. Surrounded by water views on three sides of the Point (a 260 degree water view!), it is a truly breathtaking site. Up until this week, I hadn’t gotten a chance to walk around the site for myself, so when I had the opportunity to take a tour at French’s Point earlier this week, I jumped at it!

In my mind, French’s Point was a beautiful property with a cute gazebo and a beach, but it was too remote, my mind told me. After visiting, though, I can say firsthand that the distance melted away after seeing the property. It. Is. GORGEOUS! The main estate is in supreme condition: dark hardwood accents, stone flooring, soft lighting in the hallways and expansive dining rooms that are lined with windows, letting natural light flood into the space. The grounds are pristine and continually maintained, with hidden flower-filled niches and private spots to talk or romance.

Other than the welcoming yet practical staff, there are three things that really stood out to me about the property:

1) The Tent

French’s Point recently redid the floor of their tent, which is available from May-October. The floor is now tinted poured cement that mimics real wood, and while this sounds odd at first, it’s actually brilliant. At first glance, the floors looks like classic wood, but it is much firmer, flatter, and doesn’t warp, which means that you and your guests won’t have to worry about tripping. The large tent accommodates close to 300 people and has a separate, covered side area for caterers to set up shop.

2014-09-16 11.44.14

2) Beach Rose Farm

The Farmhouse at French’s Point was redone this year and now boasts 13 spacious bedrooms, each with an in suite bathroom. It can accommodate 26 people, so it’s an ideal sized space for the whole bridal party to stay, and it has a beautifully refurbished wood kitchen, which is connected to a seating area complete with fireplace. It feels incredibly homey, and in my opinion, is a big step up from a hotel; there’s more privacy, and you’re in one place with other guests.

Mr. Haack Mr. Haack

3) Versatility

While French’s Point is primarily known for its ocean views, it also has expansive lawns framed by gardens. These lawns give you the option to have the ocean or a more rustic garden feel, or both! Up to around 100 people can be housed onsite at French’s Point and in the surrounding rental properties and B&Bs. But with Belfast less than half an hour away, there is plenty of easy accommodation for larger groups as well, making it easy to have small, medium, or large weddings at French’s Point.  The estate is also open all year round, giving you the perfect spot to have beautiful summer wedding or a cozy winter one.

emilie inc.

All in all, I was entirely blown away by French’s Point, and I would highly recommend a visit to their beautiful grounds!

Photos by emilie inc. and Mr Haack

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