You’ve got your venue booked, your dress bought, your seating chart done and a million other vendors vetted and ready for your big day. Now you’re thinking that, finally, your wedding checklist is done. Finito.

But your wedding is a live-event, and live events can often run awry, so why not give you and your gals a little extra insurance by providing them with a mini ER kit to have stashed nearby on your big day? And I’m not talking just bandaids and Neosporen here (although those might not be the worst thing to keep on hand too. Fingers crossed you won’t need them); I’m talking hair elastics, tampons, and sewing kits, those little oft-forgotten items that will make your wedding day run smoothly, no matter what comes up.

You can DIY these, of course, but if you’re running short on time, Pinch’s Minimergency Bridesmaid Kit is our top pick for a ready to go quick fix kit.

Pinch’s kit comes in a pretty cute bag that could easily be reused as a makeup travel bag. And it includes such items as: pain reliever, bandaids, extra wedding bands (really hope you won’t need that), earring backs, tampons, hairspray and more. And at a price of only $16 per kit, it’s pretty cheap insurance against unwanted wedding snafus.

The kits conveniently also come in moms, grooms, brides, and groomsmen versions.

Pinch Bridesmaid ER


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