Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular at weddings. They’re easy to distribute to your guests (no more waiting forever for a slice of the beautiful but inaccessible cake), fun, and often much less expensive than a traditional cake while still being easy to meld with your color scheme and overall theme (and did we mention, absolutely scrumptious!?). One way to help personalize them for your wedding (and an easy way to provide a tiny scrapbooking item for you or your guests) is through cupcake toppers. Enter: Thick & Thin Designs. John & Christine Carney, a husband and wife power team, started Thick & Thin just last year out of the IMRC maker space at University of Maine, Orono. Their business quickly took off, and now the couple makes thousands of personalized, laser-cut cupcake toppers throughout the year. These are just any run-of-the-mill toppers, either. Some of the couple’s best sellers are zombies, gears, and hipster glasses! Their repertoire also includes many nautical themed toppers that easily caused New England to come to the forefront of our minds, such as Maine state outlines, octopus tentacles, and whales. John & Christine are also happy to create custom toppers to perfectly fit your wedding decor.

love Maine octopus tentacles whales


Photos via Thick & Thin Designs

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