Finding a piece of jewelry that you can’t wait to wear for the rest of your life is not always easy. Especially for Maine brides who are looking for something more earthy and natural, Jennifer Nielsen creates the perfect style that is both sophisticated and subtly stunning. But no one can tell you more about her style and designs than she can.

Since I can remember, I’ve adored jewelry and my passion for metalsmithing was solidified when I attended Maine College of Art after high school.  A couple of years in, financial strain forced me to drop out, but by then, I was bitten by the jewelry bug and determined to learn all that I could about the craft.  I was fortunate to find apprenticeships with two local jewelry designers which proved to be an excellent way to continue my jewelry education.  i’ve always been a beach comber and somewhere along the way I made myself a bracelet with beach pebbles that I had collected.  The more people that saw it, the more requests I had for them, and suddenly I had a business! I’ve proudly been doing business since 1997.

What makes Jennifer’s jewelry design completely unique is the story behind each ring, earring, brooch or bracelet. The natural stones featured in each piece, many of which are found at beaches right here in southern Maine are gathered by hand or brought to her by each couple. These pieces provide Jennifer’s clientele with an alternative to conventional wedding jewelry, and can represent not only the bond of love, but can be made from a piece of stone that means something special to the couple, chosen from a special place or time.  Jennifer also repurposes unworn heirloom jewelry and gems into new cherished designs.  Her dedication to using ethically sourced materials whenever possible only adds to the charm of  her business.

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