I first ran across this product on Lover.ly’s Twitter feed, and after looking into it more, I’ve become a big fan. QALO rings are silicone wedding rings intended for use by people who can’t wear a traditional metal wedding band for any number of reasons: maybe you’re super athletic or outdoorsy; maybe your job as a firefighter or  policeman or  carpenter prevents you from being able to safely wear a metal ring; maybe you just find traditional metal rings too expensive or too uncomfortable to want to invest in. QALO provides a solution to all of those issues and lets you show your commitment to your spouse in a tangible, visible way.

QALO rings come in a variety of colors (cobalt, teal, purple, gray and black) and are made of a medical grade silicon that is flexible. Best of all, QALO rings are both very inexpensive (ranging from $16-$50), highly resistant to both water and extreme heat, and break under high stress, almost entirely eliminating the possibility of losing a finger during an accident. And while I admit that I don’t find them as attractive as traditional metal bands, I love the idea of making wedding rings more accessible to everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or profession.

Here’s a little video of QALO cofounders Ted Baker and KC Holiday explaining their own motives for coming up with the ring:

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