With Father’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to share some ways to include your dad (or dads) in your special day.

1) The Father-Daughter Dance

The classic go-to is, of course, the father-daughter dance. Whether you want to dance to a traditional song like Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” or Frank Sinatra’s “I Wish You Love” or a new smash hit like Pharrell’s “Happy,” we totally get behind this classic custom. You can improvise on the spot or choreograph a special dance routine such as a waltz or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a hip hop routine. Stay simple with one song and dance, or surprise your audience by starting out with a traditional dance and ballad and then breaking into a new song and dance in the middle. If you come from a non-traditional family structure and have more than one person you consider to be your dad, don’t feel held back: have multiple one-on-one dances or have a mini dance party with those special members of your family. Your day is about you, and your audience will enjoy seeing you honoring the ones you love the most.

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Photo by: Shang Chen Photography 

2) Getting to the Ceremony and The Walk Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle and getting to the ceremony are both prime places for father to participate in the ceremony. Keep it simple by walking in step to the wedding march or a song of your choice, or pick a song with him and make up a silly routine. If you’re wearing crazy footwear for your wedding (like converses), have him wear a matching pair. Or arrive at your ceremony in an unforgettable way in your dad’s vintage car or old tractor.  You’ll have a blast seeing your guests’ reactions while also creating a one-of-a-kind memory with your dad.

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3) Include Him in the Ceremony

Include him in the actual ceremony by having him officiate or asking him to give the prayer. If he is a performer by trade or vocation, ask him to sing a song. If he makes mean BBQ, ask him to make some BBQ for the reception or to bottle BBQ sauce as wedding favors.

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Photo by: Jeanine Thurston Photography via A Colorado Courtship 

4) Accessorize

Weddings are the perfect setting in which to honor your family. While brides often borrow something old from their mother’s, their fathers can also be a source of inspiration. Consider combining an old piece of your mother’s jewelry and your father’s cufflinks or watch into a new piece. Or wear your grandmother’s ring but turn your dad’s cufflinks into earrings to wear. Does your dad have a hobby that’s really important to him, like flyfishing, golfing, or poker? Consider somehow incorporating one of those elements into a wedding accessory, such as bracelets or boutonnieres for the wedding party.


Photo by: Chris Werner Photo via Field Florals

5) Let Him Know His Opinion Matters

While mother’s are often the go-to for wedding advice, a simple and nice way to include your dad in the wedding may also just be to ask his opinion.

 Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography

Photo by:  Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography via Weddings by the Breakers

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