We sat down with Heather Cuzzi, event planner extraordinaire and founder of Cairn Events to get the scoop on what couples should expect from their wedding planners and how they can help make the wedding planning process smoother.

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L&L: What kind of questions should a couple expect to be asked by a wedding planner?

HEATHER: Here are a number of the ones that I ask my clients:

  • Wedding date/ season?
  • Feel and style are you thinking of? What words would you use to describe your day?
  • What would you like your venue to be like? What kind of price point for the venue are you hoping for?
  • Are you having a church service or something outside?
  • Is your venue multi-day or one day?
  • How many people are you thinking you would like to attend?
  • How many people will be in the bridal party?
  • Planning style? How involved would you like your planner to be and, if you are from away, how often will you be able to meet in person with me?
  • What are you thinking about for transportation? Is this only for the bridal party or for all of the guests?
  • What part of the wedding is most important to you? Band? Alcohol? Flowers?
  • What part of the wedding planning are you most anxious about?
  • How are you planning on dividing up the finances? For instance, who is responsible for rehearsal dinner? Are your parents helping out?
  • Are you planning on having welcome bags? Favors in addition to this?
  • Are you planning on having a farewell brunch the day after the wedding?

Audrey Cordts Audrey Cordts

L&L: What should a couple NOT expect from a wedding planner?

HEATHER: I have done a lot of things for my couples: had properties debugged, fished expensive sunglasses from toilets, removed bats. The only thing so far that I’ve personally sidestepped for a wedding is to do the total clean up (although I’m happy to coordinate for someone to come and do that!)

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L&L: Any tips to help make sure that both the couple and the event planner start on the same page?

HEATHER: After my initial conversation with a couple, I put together a thorough written proposal outlining my conclusions about what the couple needs based on my conversation with them and the experiences that I have had over the years. I send it to them and give them some time to go over it, and then we will have a call to review.

Geneve Hoffman Geneve Hoffman

L&L: Any advice on how to make wedding planning a little less stressful?

HEATHER: I think the thing that most people are surprised by are the emotional rollercoasters that happen during planning a wedding. Everyone is so happy and excited to be together for this event, and as a couple you probably didn’t realize that your mom is really passionate about the flowers, or your mother-in-law about the wedding ceremony. I think the most helpful thing for people going into this process is trying to internalize that emotions will be running high for everyone but realizing that those emotions are coming from a really caring place.

Thank you so much to Heather Cuzzi from Cairn Events for talking with us today. If you’d like to get in touch with Heather, she can be reached at hcuzzi@CairnEvents or through the contact form on the Cairn Events website.

*All photos from weddings planned by Cairn Events.

Photos by: emilie inc., Alexandra Cordts, Audra Bayette, and Geneve Hoffman

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