We’re happy to kick-off the revived L&L with another first person series of planning posts as we follow our own Tide Creative Account Executive Liz as she navigates the process that she works in as a wedding consultant. Say hello, and check back every week to hear what Liz and Kyle are planning!

Maine Wedding Proposal Story

Kyle and I met during our first year of law school at U. Maine Law in 2007.  We  began dating after bonding over shared loves of making up rap songs, Thai takeout and him being my tutor during law school exams.  Our relationship took us to Philadelphia in 2010 where we lived together in a small apartment and saw almost no one but each other for an entire year.   When we came home in 2011 we bought a house together, and I began waiting to get engaged- because if you can live in a small apartment with someone barely talking to anyone else for an entire year, and still come out the other side madly in love and happy, you should probably marry that person.

About a year later we started planning a trip to Costa Rica for December.  I knew with absolute certainty that Kyle would propose on our trip.  I told my closest friends to be ready for an international text message, got a bikini wax and a manicure, and happily boarded the plane for the last time as a “single woman”.

Kyle did not propose in Costa Rica. We got home two weeks before Christmas, and once again I waited.  Over those two weeks Kyle began having what he thought were secret meetings with my best friend (though I saw her car drop him off at our house at least once) and one very poorly covered up meeting with my dad.

On Christmas Eve Kyle came home from work early with a bottle of champagne and started a fire in our dining room.  As we sat by the fire, we began to open presents (as is our tradition every Christmas Eve).  Kyle took my stocking from the mantel and started handing me packages from inside.  When he got down to the last one he handed me the stocking and said, “there’s one more in there”.  Once again I felt absolute certainty about what was about to happen.  I reached my hand into the stocking only to find dozens of loose Keurig cups – and nothing else.  As I tried to hide my disappointment, Kyle snuck out of the room and reappeared with his hands behind his back. “Are you ready?” he asked me. I could barely nod my head.  He got down on one knee, gave the most beautiful little speech, and asked me to be his wife.  I cried my response, we hugged, and spent the next two days celebrating with our family and friends.

Maine Wedding Proposal Story Ring

You’ll come to find out, as I have through this process, that I am a control freak and an obsessive planner.  Almost immediately I started planning our wedding, and we had set a date by dinner on Christmas Day.  After that it was time to choose my bridesmaids and from there the bridesmaid’s dresses – and I thought waiting to get engaged was going to be the hard part.

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