Something that no one tells you about choosing your bridal party is just how political the process can be.  I grew up in Maine and am still very close with a lot of the girls I went to high school with.  These are the type of friends who you remain close with even if you don’t talk everyday, and when you do talk, it’s as it always was- easy.

Liz Tying the Knot Bridesmaids

Although I consider these girls to be some of my best friends, I have also been fortunate enough in my life to meet some very special people since high school.  These are the people who I talk to every single day (picture a pretty much constant stream of gchat) and get crazy weird with on a regular basis.

Knowing I couldn’t have everyone (we wanted a small wedding party), I had some tough decisions to make.  At this point I became instantly jealous of one of my friends who has 4 sisters. Hello, built in bridal party! Ultimately I compromised, asking my life-long bff’s to be my bridesmaids, and my newer-found bff’s to do readings. This is about as close to a win-win as I could get.

Liz Tying the Knot Bridesmaids

Once I had made the decision, the rest was kind of smooth sailing (emphasis on kind of).  I had decided long ago that, come wedding day, I wanted my bridesmaids to look more like fashion models walking down a runway than bridesmaids walking down an aisle. Enter: Rent the Runway. For those of you who don’t know, RTR allows you to rent a couture gown for a fraction of the price.  It arrives just before your event, and you can keep it for up to 8 days. After your event simply put it in the pre-paid package and send it on back for the next girl.

Although I have  been renting dresses for years and have had a great experience with RTR, I didn’t want to risk the girls getting a dress that didn’t fit only a day or two  before the wedding.  As a solution, RTR (who has superior customer service, btw), invited us to rent the dresses to try on, and return them the same day.  They then credited everyone’s account in the amount of the rental so that they could rent the dress again for the date of the wedding at no extra charge.

Most of the girls picked their own dresses, and with the exception of one who picked a dress that was more like a bikini than a dress, that is what they will wear. Each is unique to their individual style, and is stunningly beautiful.  The battle that ensued about the slutty bridesmaid dress is a story for another time, but to give away the ending: the bride always gets her way.

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