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December 03 • 2013

Over a year ago, Love & Lobster reluctantly drew the curtains on a 2 year run of writing and managing this lovely blog. Love & Lobster was an integral part of the wedding community for both the couples planning weddings on the coast, and the professionals that work hard to make it an amazing experience.

But the beautiful thing about the blogosphere is that a site like this never really disappears. The blog has continued to be the best place to find resources for planning a wedding and getting a sneak peak into some of the businesses that make the wedding industry tick.

Around the same time Love & Lobster turned off the lights, we were just turning ours on. Tide Creative opened it’s doors as a wedding industry consulting agency in August 2012. We have worked side by side with wedding professionals as consultants and friends, and every few weeks we heard the same thing, “They found us on Love & Lobster” or “Check out the post we were featured in on Love & Lobster”. After hearing this a few hundred times, we realized we couldn’t let such a wonderful blog go to waste.

We're Back | Maine Coastal Wedding

We are excited to pick up where the emilie inc. team left off and want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Thank you for pouring your heart and soul (and time) into creating this thing. And thanks for trusting us to take up the proverbial pen and continue to write. Emilie and her team will still be very involved in L&L. They are, in fact, the source of some of the most beautiful images taken in New England. We are looking forward to featuring more of your stunning work.

And of course, thank you to all the wedding professionals who continue to create work that inspires us. Undoubtedly, we will be calling you in the next few weeks, to catch up and see what you’ve got brewing for the next wedding season.

We are thrilled to be taking on this adventure – and if you have ideas, inspirations, comments or just want to chat – leave a comment below or email me at emily@tidecreative.com.

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