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We’ve come a long way since the days when the bride’s family paid a dowry for the privilege of marrying her off. But that doesn’t mean discussions about the costs of uniting two people in marriage have gotten any simpler.

Traditionally, the bride and her family incur most of the wedding expenses. Modern attitudes are changing though, and many couples are footing the bill themselves. We’re also seeing families splitting the bill evenly more and more, a welcome reflection of today’s equal partnerships.

To give you a baseline for making your own budget decisions, below is a list of who traditionally pays for what.

Feel free to take it to heart, mold it to your needs, or throw it out the window and devise your own plan. All that really matters is that everyone’s comfortable with their contribution to the big day.

Bride and family

Ceremony: venue, music

Reception: food, drink, band or DJ, décor

Clothing: bride’s dress, veil, accessories, honeymoon wardrobe

Flowers: arrangements for ceremony and reception, bouquets for bridesmaids and flower girls

Photography: all wedding photos and video

Rings: groom’s ring

Stationery: invitations, announcements and programs

Transportation: to and from ceremony and reception

Pre-wedding events: engagement party, luncheon for bridesmaids

Groom and family

Ceremony: marriage license, officiant’s fee

Clothing: groom’s outfit

Flowers: bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages

Honeymoon: all costs

Rings: bride’s ring

Pre-wedding events: rehearsal dinner

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