Summer camp weddings

October 03 • 2012

Camp weddings<br><a href= target=_blank>Carrie Pellerin</a>

Many brides and grooms can think back to a summer spent at a favorite camp, sitting around a crackling fire, splashing in a lake or whispering late into the night with bunkmates. More and more, couples are turning to summer camps as destination wedding venues, not only for the nostalgia but also for the built-in amenities and family reunion feel.

Most summer camps come with all the wedding venue basics: guest accommodations, a kitchen, a place to eat, and activities. Not to mention the natural scenery and much more privacy than you’d find at a tropical island resort. For couples planning a wedding between September and May, summer camps are typically available and often happy to make use of the grounds before campers show up or depart for the summer.

In a recent New York Times article about the trend, Louise Johnson, an owner of Camp Arcadia in Casco, Maine, said requests to rent the property for weddings have jumped over the last several years. Camp weddings are best for nature-lovers and people happy to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, she said. Couples and their guests need to be prepared to skip the formal wear and play whatever hand Mother Nature deals, from bad weather to biting mosquitoes to twigs hitching a ride on the bride’s train.

One bride quoted in the article recalled guests who were fresh off a swim showing up in swimsuits — her mother was none too pleased.

A wedding at a summer camp is also a decidedly DIY affair. Don’t count on finding a caterer who’s willing to cook in a rustic kitchen or lug finger food through the wilderness. Couples typically need a small army of friends and family to help decorate, plan the menu and arrange activities for guests.

But if the bride and groom don’t mind layering some bug spray over their perfume and cologne, the extra work can be well worth the opportunity to truly reconnect with loved ones. Kayla and Travis, a bride and groom we featured in August, tied the knot at Camp Jordan in Ellsworth and spent the whole weekend enjoying campfires, marshmallows, fishing and singing with their friends and family.

Nothing campy about that.

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