Saving the wedding cake

September 14 • 2012

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Ever wondered why some couples celebrate their first anniversary with a slice of freezer-burned wedding cake?

Though the tradition of preserving the top tier of the cake carries romantic symbolism today, its history is rich with old-fashioned pragmatism. Dating back to the late 19th century, the custom is rooted in an era when society assumed that a christening would occur shortly after the wedding. First comes love, then comes marriage, you know the rest. So rather than bake two cakes for each celebration, couples got more bang for their bakery buck by saving some to serve when Junior arrived.

As the time between “engaged” and “expecting” widened, the link between weddings and christenings weakened. But couples continued to freeze a portion of their cake, and the tradition took on new meaning. Today, newlyweds enjoy a sweet reminder of their special day under all those layers of plastic wrap.

If you plan to save some of your cake, know that denser cakes hold up in the freezer better than light or fruit-filled cakes. Refrigerate the cake first, then cover it with plastic wrap and place it in a freezer-safe plastic bag. While it won’t taste quite like it did at the reception, your cake should remain edible one year later.

Or, enjoy the spirit of the tradition without the staleness — make or order a replica using a photo of your original cake.

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