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September 10 • 2012

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Fitting into a wedding dress is just about the best excuse a girl can dream up for getting in shape. Visions of toned arms in a strapless gown or zipping up a dress with ease can convince even the staunchest exercise phobe to hit the gym and lay off the midnight Oreos.

But do yourself a favor, and this goes for you, too, gents: Don’t wait until the last minute.  So says our friend Cindy Gotts of personal training studio Body of Work in South Portland, Maine. For the best fitness odds, start your diet and exercise regimen sooner rather than later, so you have more time to reach your goals and actually stick with them after the exchanging of vows. Even the procrastinators can get results, though, with Cindy’s gut-busting Bridal Bootcamp. More on that (including the free consultation!) below.

If you’re looking to tone up before you settle down, keep these tips from Cindy in mind:

  • Don’t hurry, be happy. First, a little more friendly nagging on the “don’t wait” advice. Giving yourself a few months to get in shape means you won’t be tempted to drastically limit your food intake in order to get immediate results. “The problem with doing it fast is people don’t eat right,“ Cindy says. “They cut calories way too low.” Plus, you’ll buy yourself some time during the pre-wedding planning madness. If you’ve got four to six months to train, two gym visits a week will cut it, but you’ll need at least three a week if your wedding is only a month away. Think of all the seating arrangement you could make in those extra hours.
  • Less isn’t necessarily more. Eating too little can actually lead to muscle loss and lower metabolism, Cindy says. Not only does that rob you of a toned physique, but the lack of energy will make you cranky – hardly the attitude you’re trying to cultivate during the lead up to your blissful day.
  • Integrate your efforts. Incorporating cardio, resistance training and a healthy diet are keys to losing weight and getting fit. You can stairstep and ab crunch all you want, but if you’re consuming more calories than you burn (that includes alcohol), your honeymoon bikini won’t fit any better. “Some people can eat a lot and still get results,” Cindy says. “But you are what you eat… and drink.”
  • Try to relax. Consider adding yoga to the mix. You can do it from home and the stretching and breathing can work wonders for your stress level. “That’ll prepare you for married life and children even more!” Cindy says. The woman’s got a point.
  • Make a plan. Set up a fitness maintenance strategy before you depart for the honeymoon. You’ll be more likely to get your butt back in gear after you come crashing back to reality. (Staying healthy is especially important if you and your sweetheart have babies on the brain).
  • Enjoy the honeymoon. Even fitness pro Cindy gives you permission to fall off the wagon, temporarily. “Your body needs a break,” she says. “Take a week off.” That doesn’t mean feel free to down margaritas and scarf chocolate cake by the forkful, but going for a swim or a walk count towards recharging your body.

If it’s too late to take Cindy up on her “don’t procrastinate” advice, or if you just need a kick start, check out Body of Work’s Bridal Bootcamp. Tailored to your schedule and offered in 4, 6 and 8-week increments, the course is designed to give brides, grooms, wedding party members and even wedding guests the opportunity to get in shape together. The private sessions come with a FREE half-hour consult to ensure a great fit. You’ve already made one great match, why not another?

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