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October 22 • 2012

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As a married woman of two weeks, I’m now looking back at our amazing wedding day thinking what so many other brides think: I can’t believe it’s over. After a year and a half of planning and giddy excitement, the big day went by in a flash, even though we celebrated into the wee hours of the morning.

Two words can sum of the first part of the day, before the ceremony: team effort. We’re still thanking our lucky stars for the generosity of our friends and family who helped to set up the ceremony and reception locations. They hung lights, unfolded chairs and tables, arranged flowers and centerpieces, folded napkins, the list goes on. Nick was right there with them, and I stopped by for a bit before it was time to rush off to our beauty appointment.  I felt like such a diva. “Hang those lights there, (hair flip), now I’m off for my updo and makeup!”

(One note to any couples considering using tissue paper poms, like these, as décor.  Super cute? Yes. Quick to fluff into pretty little balls? Not so much. 50 of those darling little poms, which arrive flat, had to be unfolded one layer of tissue at a time. My mom, chief pom fluffer, said she wanted to hold a ritual burning of the poms after the wedding. She was only half kidding.)

And that’s just the help our loved ones gave on the day of the wedding, after months of pitching in during the planning stages. I would list them all here, but my sister/matron of honor already did a great job giving shout outs in her blog post about the wedding for emilie inc.

Speaking of our A-team wedding party, remember that townhouse we rented for them? Total win, it was a charming property in a perfect location, and the owners were, pardon the pun, so accommodating. Nick and his fellas got all handsomed up there while the ladies and I prepped at the lovely Portland Harbor Hotel.

The wedding day all started to feel real when it came time for the ceremony. Seeing all of our guests arrive and knowing Nick was waiting for me at the end of the aisle – that’s when it hit me. As soon as I saw him, even before the ceremony started, I thought, “We did it.”

We’d made the decision to recite our vows to each other a couple of days before the ceremony, and I’m so glad we did. We got all the blubbering out of the way at our kitchen table, so we managed to make it through the real deal with just a few sniffles. As we processed down the aisle after Nick’s dad pronounced us husband and wife, both of us felt all the stress of planning and the intensity of the ceremony lift from our shoulders. It was time to party.

But first, we had to flee from the downpour that started not 5 minutes after the ceremony. I’m talking the sky opening up with sheets of drenching rain. Thank goodness the train was waiting, because we had to run for cover.  So glad I wore flats. Luckily, everyone stayed mostly dry.

The rain will remain one of my most enduring memories from the wedding. There was something felicitious about the timing, and I couldn’t help but take it as a good omen.

In all, there are too many great memories from the day to count.  Can we talk about the toasts? My father’s was pitch-perfect, my sister and brother-in-law’s was funny, touching and set to music, and my father-in-law broke out into a beautiful song (Nick had never heard him sing!) One of my bridesmaids busted out some break dancing moves (in a dress no less), my typically stoic brother teared up during Nick’s dance with his mother, and the cake Nick’s sister baked us was as delicious as it was stunning.

Now that the honeymoon dust has settled and we’re back to reality, our lives feel much like they did before the wedding. But there’s also the joy of a new beginning, and squealing a little inside when I say, “Oh my husband is just parking the car.” Or, “The funniest thing happened to my husband.” We’re both so happy knowing our best years are yet to come.

My final thoughts are these. The day will go by as quickly as everyone tells you it will. Sprinting out of the rain with your dress hiked to your knees may not be graceful, but could be necessary. Try to give yourself the day after the wedding to relax and regroup before you jet off on your honeymoon. If you’re like us, being surrounded by all of your nearest and dearest will make you recommit to spending more time with them after the wedding. Don’t skimp on photography – we’ve relived our big day through all of those beautiful images, even moments we missed.

Oh, and bring an umbrella.

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