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Google Docs, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee for your spreadsheet function that allows even excel-phobes like me to organize a guest list.  You were there for me, GD, when I had all those return addresses from Christmas cards to save.

I love thee for being at my fingertips whenever I need thee, saving me from digging a hastily scribbled post-it out of my purse when it’s time to write that deposit check.

I love thee for letting me set the pace of my digital wedding planning. You know how much I regret forsaking you, if only briefly, for the Martha Stewart Weddings virtual checklist. Martha bombarded me with her avalanche of to-dos, just like you said she would GD, and I promise never to stray again.

But after all we’ve been through, can I trust you to alert me when I need to mail out save-the-dates? Will you send me cheery “X days until your wedding!” notes at regular but non-incessant intervals? Will you show me reviews of local florists, without me even having to ask?

Pinterest, we’ve had our good times too.

You’ve helped me record my scattershot moments of wedding inspiration in one convenient place. You encouraged me to share my ideas with friends, and they’re always telling me how much they love you.

I feel so creative when I’m with you Pinterest, like there’s nothing I can’t DIY.  I wish I could just quit my job and spend all my days with you.

But is that healthy Pinterest? Is it ok that I while away hours upon hours lost in your embrace, neglecting my work?

And I haven’t forgotten how you made me wait for an invitation to join you, Pinterest. It still stings, like a pin in the heart, all these days later. Some nights, I go to bed angry with you.

TheKnot, you also hold a special place in my heart. You, above all others, understand that I need both practical advice and dreamy wedding inspiration. You’re the total package, bringing all of my wedding planning needs together and never making me apologize for obsessing over tiny details.

You’re in it for the long haul, TK, with your promises of buying a house and having a baby.

But we both know I’m not the only bride in your life. You’re always bragging about the millions of women who “log on” to you every day, swooning over you for all the same reasons I do. You even nudge us to talk to each other in your forums, TK, and I’m just not that kind of girl.

Can a single virtual wedding planning tool really meet all a bride’s needs? I’m not sure I can commit to just one.

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  1. Love and Lobster
    19/04/2012 at 11:44 am Permalink

    Martha Stewart’s online seating chart tool was my favorite! You can put in your room’s dimensions, pick the table sizes and move everyone around with a click of the mouse. You can give each table a name or number, then export the list and bring it with you when you set up. I actually forgot to bring it with me when I went to my venue to set up — but no freak-out necessary — I just logged onto Martha’s website and downloaded it again!


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