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As I’ve been stressing out over countless tiny wedding details over the last couple of weeks, I remembered Jen Pepper’s post about her pre-wedding panic attack.  Guest list drama, a shrinking savings account, the “Do you wish we’d just eloped?” conversation – I was following right in Jen’s freak out footsteps. Down to the timing and all; something about the two-month mark makes the big day feel all too real.

As the RSVPs roll in, you begin to realize that people are actually coming to this celebration you’ve been planning for a year. It’s hard to believe that I’ll soon introduce Nick as “my husband,” instead of “my fiancé,” a label that always makes me squirm because I can’t help but think of that character from “Seinfeld” going on about how she seems to have lost her fianCEEEE!

But even though the day is coming together, the little details keep begging for our attention. One night last week, as we both tossed and turned unable to sleep, I broke the silence around 2 a.m. to ask Nick, “Did the paper poms ship yet?” How’s that for pillow talk. “My sweet beloved…did you get a tracking number?”

I also suffered an invitation-related injury. We camped out at the dining room table (aka the wedding supply dumping ground, with no room for actual dining) last week to address the invites and RSVP cards. Apparently craning for two straight hours over names and addresses on a spreadsheet, then painstakingly inscribing them onto envelopes by hand, is not something my neck muscles were prepared to do.

I hunched around the house for four days and Nick shot me pitiful looks, most of which I missed because I couldn’t turn my head. I helpfully reminded him that it was too late for him to back out now, that he was getting alllllll this for-EVER. In sickness and in health, baby.

As crazed as we both have felt, we try to cling to the lighter moments. Like stopping by the crafts store and finding these bride and groom wine bottle covers, complete with a rose boutonniere and pearl necklace.

We’re really ready for our wedding day to just be here, for the little to-dos to fall away and the love and celebration to take their place. We know all our work and planning will be worth it, we just have to stay sane through the next 60 days.

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