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I’m just now realizing it’s been almost a year since Nick popped the question last Valentine’s Day. Between getting engaged, buying a house, adopting a dog and changing jobs, the jam-packed year that was 2011 flew right by us.

So, scheduling an engagement shoot wasn’t exactly high on our priority list. Actually, it wasn’t on our list at all. It seemed like such a fun but ultimately dispensable thing to do amid the other wedding planning tasks on our plate. Plus, my completely outdated perception of engagement portraits had me thinking of those awkward embraces and stiff smiles of the newspaper wedding announcements. Bride places hand casually on groom’s chest, photographer cues heartfelt gaze, click. Or, the DIY version: bride sifts through camera memory, finds only one, self-taken photo of she and groom together, faces happily but unflatteringly pressed together, and submits to newspaper.

Luckily, my sister suggested that she photograph our engagement portraits. Have I mentioned she’s not only my matron of honor, but also a talented wedding photographer? Yes, a lucky coincidence that one. (She’s not, however, shooting our wedding. We want her to enjoy herself and take part in our day, not document it. And, the matron should be free to, you know, enjoy a cocktail or two for her efforts).

A couple of weeks ago, we bundled up and headed to Portland’s Old Port for our close-ups. I’ll tell you, even with your own sister behind the camera, displaying your love for your sweetheart on demand is a little tricky.  It didn’t help that when she instructed us to relax and just chitchat, Nick and I were saying things like “Is your leg falling asleep with me sitting on it like this? Is my hair doing a weird thing right now? You’re closing your eyes when we kiss, right?”

But my sister helped us to feel at ease, and soon we were reminiscing about one of our first dates on a nearby pier. Smooching on cue became fun instead of forced, (we later learned we have a tendency to smush our noses together mid-kiss), and we were tickled when two passing joggers stopped to say congrats.

I’m so happy we’ll have these photos to commemorate this special time in our lives, and so thankful my sister convinced us to make time for them. Our wedding photos will capture us looking our best, thrilled with the emotion of the day, but these photos capture the everyday us, and 20 years from now, I’ll want to remember that, too.

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  1. Love and Lobster
    12/07/2012 at 12:53 pm Permalink

    We are getting our engagement shoot done very soon! Do you know any places in the Portland area that are super great for a shoot? We really like the idea of the Portland historical society because of its vintage feel, but we are wide open to suggestions!


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