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We’ve all heard about the dozens of dating websites out there. Maybe one even brought you together with your bride or groom-to-be. Well, now there’s a site that helps you keep the love alive long after those first-date jitters.

Until recently, dating site HowAboutWe targeted singles looking for love by inviting them to pitch fun date ideas. For example, “How about we get a beer and play pinball” or “How about we go see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at a drive-in.” Users find the dates that intrigue them, make a connection and off to the date they go.

The process worked so well, it dawned on the site’s founders that their newly coupled-up customers were leaving the site and taking their money with them, as The New York Times reports.

Now, HowAboutWe is rolling out a new service for committed couples that will help you “date” your other half. The founders saw that married couples needed to bust out of their routines to keep their relationships fresh. Arranging for babysitters, budget concerns and the simple demands of daily life sapped couples’ motivation to plan a night on the town (sound familiar?)

The new service will zap romantic ruts by offering full date packages. With a mouse click, couples can book transportation, entertainment and a restaurant meal all at once. The hope is that reconnecting with that new-relationship rush will keep long-committed couples on their toes. A little novelty never hurt anyone.

Would you use a service like this? What fun and creative dates have you and your partner been on lately? Tell us in the comments.

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