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September 16 • 2011

In The Knot’s 11 wedding trends for 2011, one that we adore is the video guest book. A modern take on the traditional paper and pen variety, brides and grooms are asking guests to hit “record” to offer well wishes and advice at the reception, whether it’s in confessional-style booths, with a standard video camera and tripod setup, or even on an iPad displayed in a quiet corner.

To go video with your guest book, leave brief instructions on how to operate the camera or gadget , or request that someone — perhaps a tech-savvy niece or nephew — man the taping and provide assistance. Shoot for a pleasing but non-distracting backdrop like a plain wall so the surroundings don’t detract from your loved ones’ sentiments. Then share the love through YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or your website of choice after the festivities.

For a custom approach, check out Thrilled For You, video guest book software for Macs with webcams. Just hit download, and choose from a variety of themes, from a rustic woodland border to chic peacock embellishments. Record an unlimited number of video congrats, and even incorporate the clips into your official wedding video. A special bonus: Order Thrilled For You through their Etsy shop to save $50 of the regular price of $99!

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  1. Love and Lobster
    21/09/2011 at 4:33 pm Permalink

    okay this may be one of the neatest wedding ideas I have seen in a while. Just remember that you would want to set this up where there is plenty of light, so you can see your lovely guest’s faces!