Get to know the creative confectioner, Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott. Owner, Jessica Parrott, is a self-taught culinary whiz specializing in homemade cakes, cupcakes and other sweets.

emilie inc.

L&L: Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

Jessica: We are an all custom, all from scratch bakery located in South Portland, specializing in wedding cakes and dessert tables. We have been creating cakes and sweets for about 8 years now and have a small store front where we sell cupcakes, whoopee pies, pops and cookies.

L&L: Describe the range of services you offer.

Jessica: We offer a wide range of services to our customers. Anything from simple birthday cakes to custom shaped cakes and cupcakes. We specialize in custom wedding cakes along with custom designed dessert tables.

Kivalo Photography

L&L: What is one thing you would say makes your business unique in the industry?

Jessica: We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box when it comes to our designs. We do not have a set book of designs that we do; we work with all our customers to create something truly custom and fantastic.

L&L: What are some of your favorite venues and vendors you enjoy working with in the area?

Jessica: We are so fortunate to have such beautiful venues in Maine! Some of my favorites are The Inn at Peaks, York Harbor Reading Room, Grace, and the Barn at Flanagan Farm.

Tracey Mason Photography

L&L: How far in advance to couples usually book you for their wedding day?

Jessica: We seem to have a wide variety of booking! But dates tend to start booking up around 8-4 months in advance.

L&L: How do most clients find you?

Jessica: Most of our clients find us through word of mouth, which I always find to be the best way! You cannot beat someone else’s recommendation and experience. We also get clients through blog posts and magazine publications.

L&L: How can couples get in touch with you?

Jessica: We can be reached at our email address – Jessica@nothingbakeslikeaparrott, on the phone at the bakery 207.899.1088, or they can stop by our bakery in South Portland at 740 Broadway!

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Coastal Wedding Favors

August 23 • 2016

Saying, “I do!” by the seaside? Send loved ones home with a thank-you gift that expresses your gratitude for their presence and speaks to the spirit of your destination. We’ve gathered some of our favorite coastal-themed favors from New England and beyond to spark your inspiration.  

Maine Wedding ArtistMiniature buoys from Maine Wedding Artist can double as escort cards and favors.

Deans Sweets_Melissa MullenTreat guests to something sweet with truffles in flavors like Maine Blueberry (made with Maine-made Cold River Vodka) or creamy caramels topped with Maine sea salt from Dean’s Sweets. [Photo: Melissa Mullen]

Spring Smith Studios

Cast iron bottle openers are the perfect parting gift! Find ones similar to these at Twine Living.
[Photo: Spring Smith Studios]

Andies Specialty Sweets_Sea Glass Candy

Sea glass candies from Andie’s Specialty Sweets are pretty to look at, and better to eat!
[Photo:  Bryan Gardner via Martha Stewart]

Dave Richards PhotographyTake the DIY route and offer up homemade Rosemary Sea Salt.
[Photo: Dave Richards Photography via Style Me Pretty

Coastal Maine Popcorn
Share your favorite flavors with custom bags of popcorn from Coastal Maine Popcorn.

Woodpecker and Weasel
Welcome loved ones to take home treasures from the sea. We love these unique seashell candles from Woodpecker & Weasel.

Say, “Thank you!” with accessories from SeaBags. From totes and wine bags (like this) to key chains and coasters, you’re sure to find a little something to suit your favor needs.

Figlewicz Photography
Keep it simple! Add a nautical touch, like this compass motif, to kraft paper parcels.
[Photo: Figlewicz Photography via Glamour & Grace]


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Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0017Christine & Ken said, “I do!” at White Cliffs Country Club earlier this summer in Plymouth, MA. We love how the couple combined their traditional taste with a touch of modern coastal charm.

The bride and her maids readied in the bridal suite, sipping bubbly in custom robes. Following a sweet “first look” portrait session on the property’s manicured grounds, the couple tied the knot beneath a floral-festooned gazebo. Inside the reception gold touches, bold navy hues and confetti-inspired details set the tone for the celebration. Thank you to Joline Cameron Photography for sharing these lovely images with us!

Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0002Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0001 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0006 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0007 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0009 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0011 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0013 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0014Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0024 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0015Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0019 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0016Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0021 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0020Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0029Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0034Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0036Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0038 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0022 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0023 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0026 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0027 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0039 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0040 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0043 Joline Cameron Photography_Christine + Ken_0045

Photography: Joline Cameron Photography

Coordination: A Warm Reception

Floral Design: Artistic Blossoms

Entertainment: Good Will and Them Apples

Hair: Mane Event

Makeup: Makeup by Nikki

Cake & Cupcakes: Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe

Gown: Alexandra’s Boutique

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Jamie Mercurio Photography

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This week we’re revisiting our interview with Megan Glipatrick of Maine Seasons Events. This oh-so talented designer is passionate about creating weddings that uniquely represent each couple she works with.

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photo by Brea McDonald photography</a>

L&L: Tell us a little about you, your background and the history of Maine Seasons Events.

MSE: I have been designing and coordinating weddings for 10 years, and officially launched Maine Seasons Events in January of 2006.  In 1999 when I was planning my own wedding, I encountered many obstacles that took some of the fun out of the process.  It occurred to me that I would love to use my creativity & background in human resources management, customer service, project management, design, and hospitality to help others create visionary weddings that feel representative of who they are.  My goal was and continues to be, making the wedding process fun and organized, efficient, pleasant and part of the journey.  I planned weddings for several friends, and word spread.  After a few years of planning events on the side, I left the corporate world to focus full time on the one profession that never felt like a job to me.  Of course, there are budgets, logistics, music, food selections, contracts and timelines to consider, but at the core of what I do, the journey of how we come to be married is important to me.  This journey is unfortunately often overlooked, or hurried through during the wedding planning process.  I like to think of myself as a professional tour guide (and tactical commander, logistics task force, expectation manager, emotional translator, friend, designer and client advocate), guiding my clients to the celebration of joining their lives together, ensuring they really experience and are present for this important part of the journey and that the event we plan is a uniquely memorable and special occasion for everyone attending.

Personally, I grew up in mid coast Maine with Southern parents in a 200 year old farm house (artist/designer mom is from Mississippi and mechanical engineer/outdoorsman/retired Navy pilot and Captain dad is from Georgia. In 1970 dad wanted to come back to Maine where his father and grandfather are from, to marry my mom, start a family and subsequently raise my sister and I). My current grown up life is filled with a scrumptious and inquisitive 2 and a half year old daughter, my junior high school sweetheart husband (we had a paper route together in our neighborhood in 8th grade!), a century old house, more gardens than I can keep up with, 3 cats and the constant hum of creative activity.

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photos by Brea McDonald photography</a>

L&L: Describe the range of services that you offer. What is the bulk of your work?

MSE: Maine Seasons Events is a design & wedding planning company specializing in Maine weddings.  We also provide staging and styling for editorial photo shoots, such as wedding and home/interior design magazines, blogs, advertising campaigns and merchandising displays.  Our wedding planning services are designed to be customized to the needs of each unique client.  For one client, the service that best suits their needs could be full event planning and design, and for another client, hourly consultation and day of event coordination services. Offering the flexibility to choose different levels of customized service has been an important feature for our clients.

After designing, coordinating and executing over 125 weddings, one of the things I hear the most from my clients, is that we brought style, order and calm to what would have otherwise been a hectic and stressful day.  Our attention to detail, industry knowledge, experience, caring for our clients, diligence, organization and consistent professionalism are some of the fundamental elements of our client’s experience when working with Maine Seasons Events.  The majority of my clients are from out of Maine and need full design and logistical planning services and about 25% hire us to provide hourly consultation, design and day of event coordination services.

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photo by Brea McDonald photography</a>

L&L: How would you describe your style? Where do you draw your inspiration?

MSE: My professional working style is approachable, friendly, enthusiastic, sincere, caring, capable and focused.  I want clients to feel comfortable working with us and for them to trust us, we work to build relationships with each of our clients from the very start.  My design style is varied, I like things from many different styles, but overall, I am madly in love with incorporating ordinary things into design in extraordinary ways.  I love old things, things that had a life before I happened upon them.  I love to listen to clients tell me their stories and I pick elements that are important to them and bring those things into their wedding design in some way.  It may be the bride’s fondness for her grandmother’s antique silver collection, that I translate into using vintage silver pieces as centerpiece containers for flowers and silver trays collected at antiques shops for cocktail tables, with silver sugar bowls for flowers in them.  It may be a couples’ southern roots, an old family barn, or an heirloom family quilt, but any little thing that is special to my clients, can become and be imagined into, inspiration for wedding design.  I am inspired by junk shops, flea markets, yard sales and the holy grail of antiques: Brimfield Antiques Show.  I am inspired by the puzzle of making a real and special celebration come to life from only ideas and imagination.  My toddler daughter inspires me with her sense of wonder about the world around her, the night sky inspires me, vintage fabrics, my grandparents’ house, my garden, the way the leaves on trees blow just before a thunderstorm… The shadows on the kitchen cupboards in the afternoon inspire me, architecture, doorknobs, rusty lamp posts, street signs, fabric, color, the seasons, I am very aware of all of the tiny and special details around us that often go unnoticed, these little details light me up and inspire me.  I have journals and folders of ideas, lists, things of note that I have experienced and noticed, I often draw upon this idea bank when putting together a design proposal for a client.  I look for ways to incorporate the clients’ personalities, style, favorites and special memories, so that their wedding design feels like them, to them and to their guests.  I am inspired by little surprises in life and in design, it is fun to work a few fun little surprises into a wedding.

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photos by Brea McDonald photography</a>

L&L: Walk us through the process of booking you for a wedding… do you typically meet with clients before they book, do a site visit, etc? How far in advance should a couple book you for their wedding day?

MSE: Typically, I receive an e-mail or phone call from clients and I ask some detailed questions to get an idea of the type and size of event they are planning and to better understand their wants and needs.  I always schedule an initial phone meeting to get to know each other better and determine if we are a good fit for each other.  During this time, I encourage my clients to ask any questions they have, and to feel comfortable being open and honest with me, I will ask a lot of questions about their style, their vision, their must have elements and must not have elements, their family, their story and their budget.  From there, when a client decides to book our services, I create a custom contract for them and there is a booking deposit due.  Once we are signed and official, the fun begins and I get to work organizing their event.

As the majority of my clients don’t live in Maine, I typically “meet” them over the phone, and we start planning from there.  Sometimes I meet my clients for the first time at their ceremony rehearsal!  But we have spent hours on the phone, sent countless e-mails and have a strong relationship by that point, there are often hugs, tears and laughing when we finally meet in person.  I can work independently, visiting venues, doing site visits with other service providers, communicating with the other vendors on the wedding team, without my clients present, as is often necessary, but I also like to include my clients in this process if they choose to visit or want to be involved.  I sometimes schedule a group of meetings with other vendors over a 2 day time period when my clients are coming to Maine, so they get to meet their wedding team, it is always fun to spend some time together before the wedding, working together, to get a better sense of each others’ personalities, and style.

Typically about 95% of my clients book 12-15 months in advance of their wedding and about 5% book within 12 months of their event.  Styling and staging services are booked much closer to the event date, sometimes only a few weeks in advance, but preferably a month in advance!

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photo by Sharyn Peavey

L&L: Do most clients already have a vision for their wedding day when they come to you, give you free reign or do you mostly work together to create their event?

MSE: I always ask my clients detailed questions about their wedding vision, their ideas, and their likes and dislikes, I ask a lot about their personal style, sometimes asking to see pictures of their house, asking the names of their favorite home stores, where they buy their clothes, what kind of car they drive, their favorite foods and colors, songs they like, books they read.  From all of this, I can get a sense of their style, and who they are.  This is where the design process starts for me-the client.  The majority of my clients have a few magazine clippings or blog photos as inspirations, and for 98 % of my clients, I create a comprehensive design proposal incorporating their ideas and completed with other elements that create a cohesive and meaningful design.   Most of my clients have an idea of how they want their event to look and feel, but don’t have the detailed and big picture vision to pull it all together, and this is something they specifically ask me for.  For every design client, I create detailed design presentations, with photos and notes so they can see how each element in the wedding will look, the materials we will use and the colors and textures.  Translating ideas into something that can be replicated sometimes 200 times realistically, is a specialty of ours.  Sometimes clients come to me with a picture of a lamp, or a post card and ask me to design their wedding around that.  The translation is one of my favorite parts of the process, answering the question, “how do I incorporate this element, or the feel of this element, on 25 tables, or 200 place cards,  realistically?” is the best challenge. 

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photo by Brea McDonald Photography</a>

L&L: How do most of your clients find you?

MSE: 99% of my clients live outside of Maine, and about 90%  e-mail or call me after having read my blog or having found my website on an internet search.  About 10% of my clients come to me from referrals from other service providers and past clients.

Maine Seasons Events<br><a href= target=_blank>photo by Sharyn Peavey</a>

L&L: Thank you for giving us an inside peek into Maine Seasons Events. If readers want to get in touch with you to inquire about your availability, what is the best way for them to reach you.

Of course everyone is invited to visit my blog,, and the best way to contact me is through my website,, on the contact page where my e-mail address and phone number are listed.

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Get inspired! This week all things are coming up floral here at Love & Lobster. Check out some of our favorite ways to get creative with your boutonniere design. From nautical knots and fishing lures, to modern geometric accents and garden herbs, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind ways to dress up that lapel.

A fishing lure adds a masculine touch to this dapper ensemble. 
[George’s Flowers / Natalie Watson via Style Me Pretty]

Geometric style for the modern groom.
[DIY /  Catalina Jean Photography via Green Wedding Shoes]

Classic shades of navy and ivory take a unique turn with blue thistle accents. 
[Blue Fern Designs / Cuppa Photography]

Soft and romantic, we love a palette of peach, sage and blush.
[Sweet Marie Designs / Troy Glover Photography via 100 Layer Cake]

Coastal cool never looked so good! Trade in petals for a nautical knot.
[Keepsake Memories Photography via Wedding Wire]

Garden herbs, rosemary and lavender, make the perfect pair.
[Clare Day Flowers via Aisle Perfect]

Go “farm fresh” with a petite pomegranate.
[Primary Petals / Meghan Christie Photography via Wedding Chicks]

Add a texture element with a dusty purple succulent.
[Pretty Flowers / Courtney Elizabeth Media]

Take country charm to the next level with a suede-tied boutonniere of dried wheat.
[Luxe and Luster]

A  medley of monochromatic leafy greens.
[Old Frond / Sleepy Fox Photography via Green Wedding Shoes]

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